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    JUST FWIW, there's sites that discuss what to do, or what to expect, when you find your spouse cheating. Don't get me wrong, it's not to divorce them immediately, but tells you steps to take, ways to cope, what to do if you should decide to leave, etc., etc., etc.....................

    Now I haven't read this site myself and don't even have a link, but I know somewone who's going through a separation after attempting to work out the feeling of betrayal. Anyway, one thing they say to do is, when you find out your spouse was cheating and the OTHER person is also married, that you contact that OTHER SPOUSE and tell them what's been going on. What happens from there, is NOT your problem.

    So......IMHO................the fact that AD told the estranged husband of the woman MP was having an affair with is, really no big deal. AD didn't do anything wrong and she CANNOT go to jail for THAT.

    I agree with you, AD was doing the other husband a favor.

    LOL, yeah, the person I knew talked to the other spouse,.......that is after they made their own spouse do the initial talking and admit what they'd done.


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