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Bring the Kool-Aid pitcher with you ;)

Kevin Bromley, family spokesperson who is pastor, First Baptist Church, Parsons, said that as people have seen in the media, Holly is a beautiful person on the outside but she also “is a beautiful person on the inside. … She is a real loving person.” He is a close friend of the family and formerly was minister to college students at Corinth.

While in middle school, Bobo was elected “best liked” by her classmates, reported Bromley. Her favorite verse is Philippines 4:13, he added.

Bobo’s family “is a lovely family,” continued Bromley. They are honest, caring and selfless. The family sits together during worship services, said Franks. They eat lunch together after church each Sunday and hold family nights where they enjoy recreation together, said Bromley. He added that Bobo and her mother have a very close relationship.

I just wanted to quote the part of that article for the thread.
I'm thinking that since they want to make sure that it isn't members of the family's prints, they lifted these off of Holly's car. Maybe on the outside. JMO

Would the rain have "washed" the prints off the car?

Could they have found prints on either of the 2 new items recovered? Thought it was interesting to mention "and others close to the family"....someone at Church???

And yes, i find it strange....verse or too obvious???


green green and other locals:

Have the volunteer searchers been kept only searching areas that are are in the open or in the woods in groups? Leaving abandoned enclosures and interior locations up to LE and professional searchers to search, due to the potential of locating a possible hideaway or crime scene that would be a much higher risk factor to searchers?

I am sure this amazing community has been impacted greatly and while they would normally be hunting, most are out looking for Holly when they can-has there been a ban on turkey hunting in this county and other perimeter counties while the search is ongoing? Maybe to preserve possible evidence and keep the searchers safe? I know the weather has been awful lately, but when it is betterare people not hunting, or are they encouraged to do so if they wish and report if they spot anything unusual?

Also, does anyone know if the Bobos have a dog and if so, if it is an indoor or outdoor pet?

Thanks, sorry if these have been asked and answered before-trying to catch up but sooo many posts I cannot keep up with all info!
You dont think thats strange lol?

I do think it's something to think about. But not like it was just made up as her favorite verse. More like, if everyone at bible study knew it was her favorite verse, let's quick interview everyone at bible study.
anyone know where I can find video of the family spokesperson? I've not watched him yet.

Also, does anyone know if the Bobos have a dog and if so, if it is an indoor or outdoor pet?

They have two dogs, a golden retriever and a small idea if they're inside or outside pets.
I found that very suspicious! the 4:13 she went missing on 4:13 then that became her fav verse... What are the odds? I think that was picked out recently!


Hi, as someone who attended a private Catholic school for MANY years and no longer attends church as I should, but have many practicing Christians in all family branches, I can tell you Holly's favorite verse is an extremely popular verse with Christians and many know it by heart...I tend to think its a coincidence that she went missing that day unless taken by a religious fantatic, of which I am not convinced. However, who knows?
Ok dont they have a garage attached to the home? I know they have a parking area in the back.

You know what, I think there is a building in the back that is the carport (garage) where she parked her care. To be honest with you, so much has been thrown around, that I just don't remember anymore lol.

I hope they do have a suspect and are comparing the prints tho. That would be so awesome. :)
This thread is going to probably be closed soon but I'd like to add this to the end of it......

While I was furiously searching all over the internet for comments/links about the 4:13 verse I was somehow brought back to this link TN Holly Bobo case- pics only- no discussion - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community .... right here at WS. I decided to scroll through the posts there and I tell cooled my jets and put me in a somber mood. Take just a sec and scroll through the pictures.....they're a visual documentation of what's gone on in the area the past couple of weeks. So hard to believe it's been 2 weeks already. I'm a pretty tough girl and longtime crime follower but many of those pictures made me start to weep.
I've been wondering about that myself. This does seem to have shifted to the possibility that LE are now in contact with the perp(s), he/they have proven that she is alive with the Sunday find, so now it's a matter of how to get him/them to either release her or for them to find her first.

Question is, who could this person or persons be that have brought in so many LE agencies right from the beginning, 24 hr protection for the family and that reward from the governor based on something LE told him at the beginning? We know they got a lot more information from the brother than what we've heard. And the cousin indicated that we didn't know the whole story.

And of course, all the silence and secrecy?

Wow! . Best, most thought provoking post I've seen. I never looked at it like this. I'm even more clueless than I thought. We've also not heard from anyone in the family since what?.... Day 2? :waitasec:
It strikes me as strange that they have called the searchers off for a couple of days.
Could this mean they have determined that Holly left willingly and they know where she is? Could she possibly have run off with a guy and they have run out of money but are stranded miles away from home?

Not to say that isn't possible but after the storms that came through here today, I'm convinced they would never have sent volunteers out in this weather. Tornados were popping up all over the state and alot of that awful weather marched right through Decatur county.
Also, does anyone know if the Bobos have a dog and if so, if it is an indoor or outdoor pet?

They have two dogs, a golden retriever and a small idea if they're inside or outside pets.

Tysm for the answer. The reason I ask about dogs is because I think the poor brother is completely innocent. I think we do not know all of the details about his statements, what he saw and why he looked out the window when he did IF he did. LE is keeping it close. It is possible he was in the shower and heard the dogs bark. When this happens I always take a peek out the windows to see what caused them to bark.

Also, since the early articles said the Dad was thinking someone was watching Holly and/or the house, maybe their dogs were acting up at times and growling and looking back, they thought maybe it was an alert someone was nearby watching the house-dogs have so much better senses than humans. Then again, they could have dismissed it as the dogs hearing hunters in the woods nad it may have been that as well.

P.S. My husband and I own three dogs. Only one of them is a nosey nellie. She spends hours standing on the back of the couch using her nose to raise the slots of the wooden blinds to peer out the windows and she will alert us if she sees an animal or person-and we have nearby neighbors. I'm always thinking wow, the neighbors must think we are nosey and spying on them! I hope they realize its our dog when she barks, lol.

ETA: I should have said if I hear my dogs bark while in the shower at 7 am, even if like crazy, I finish my shower, towel off, get out THEN take a look out the windows. 99% of the time the dogs are barking at a squirrel, neighbor or trash pick up. Brother could have thought the same if his dogs bark a lot-no rush to jump out of the shower, they are barking at a hunter or animal or trash pick up if done on that day in such a rural area-could explain if the dogs barked hearing a struggle and it took the brother a few more minutes to get out and go see what caused the dogs to bark-he thought it was nothing while the dogs were trying to alert something was wrong-by then maybe the man and Holly were near the woods and that is when he spotted them-he could have heard dogs kept indoors reacting to a struggle outside and thought nothing of it.
Are there going to be anymore public searches or just LE doing their own? I haven't seen any new articles today about the case. Thanks
Does anyone have any links about the scripture that was/is supposedly on the t-shirts that were/are being sold? I've been searching my butt off for any links referencing Holly's favorite bible verse being on the shirts. I came across a brief reference to it on WS and didn't save the link. I ran across a mention of her favorite verse on this site
but still find the details rather vague on all this. Just wondering how it all evolved and how we got wind of it in the first place :waitasec:.

I'm trying not to think too much about the verse location (4:13) but it IS kind of hard to forget about it. Just a coincidence?

greengreen....have you seen the t-shirts? Do you know if, and what, scripture is on the back of them?

This is just one of the reasons I think they should be searching route 13 that runs thru Lobelville and back towards Linden and over Lick Creek.
I definitely think Holly is alive.
This is just one of the reasons I think they should be searching route 13 that runs thru Lobelville and back towards Linden and over Lick Creek.
I definitely think Holly is alive.

I think WAY too much is being made of the Phillipians 4:13 quote. It's one of the top ten most quoted (if not top three quoted) Scriptures in the evangelical tradition. It says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." There is nothing unique about that being her mom's favorite Scripture...that's probably going to be stated by most evangelicals as one of their favorite Scriptures.

<Note: I'm an evangelical Pastor...grew up with my dad Pastoring in Tennessee..
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