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Tough new Ga. sex trafficking law takes effect

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by mysticrose, Jul 11, 2011.

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    Monday, July 11, 2011 5:46 AM EDT

    ATLANTA (AP) — One of the nation's toughest crackdowns on human trafficking has taken effect in Georgia, striking a delicate balance between tougher penalties for criminals and more treatment for victims that advocates said could be a model for other states seeking to fight the sex trade.

    The legislation took effect this month after a four-year legislative fight, overhauling the way Georgia treats people forced into prostitution. It bars prosecutors from charging people with sex crimes if the offense occurred while the person was a victim of trafficking. It also tacks on tough new criminal penalties for human traffickers.

    The dual approach helped appease both religious conservatives, who argued the changes could effectively legalize prostitution, and children's advocates, who said a safety valve was needed for victims who were forced into the sex trade

  2. time

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    Thanks for the article - I hope other states follow, especially California. I have a feeling this state could be one of the worst.
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    There appears to be some new program underway in Vallejo, Ca just north of the SF Bay Area here I just read about. I think Vallejo found they quickly had a huge influx of prostitution when the word went out they were lowering their police force due to budget... large numbers came from out of state and even Mexico since there was less chance of prosecution.

    Plagued by Prostitution, California's Vallejo Fights Back - TIME

    I'm liberal, but I do not support legalizing prostitution. I do support arresting the Johns more and not making it criminal if any of the prostitutes are underage or coerced. Not enough has been done about sex trafficking.

    Prostitution in Vallejo California
    Prostitution is not a Victimless Crime. Everyone is the community suffers.

    Vallejo Residents Form 'Ho Patrol'

    Sign of a struggling economy: Vallejo's prostitution problem

    The biggest problem are the pimps or criminal elements promoting prostitution, especially but not always, underage. I don't think the Johns are very educated on the risks they take in hiring prostitutes either. There seems to be some myth they are actually less likely to get an STD/STI and they are not aware of the drug use and criminal element often associated with prostitution. I think more educating the public could help. I found a couple of excellent articles ...

    “Renting an Organ for Ten Minutes:” What Tricks Tell Us about Prostitution,. Pornography, and Trafficking. Melissa Farley. Farley, M. (2007)


    Sex Trafficking of Americans: The Girls Next Door

    An older one...

    Prostitution and Male Supremacy (1 of 2)

    Prostitution and Male Supremacy (2 of 2)

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