trial day 43: the defense continues its case in chief #130

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Ok if JA refused anal sex and TA forced her.....and ALV didn't get this information she is
really lousy at being a DV expert.

I don't believe for a minute TA forced her - however I do believe that she JA would use this and lie about it to ALV.
ALV testimony starts fine then ends like this

What ALV doesn't get-----she thinks it's all about DV. IT'S ABOUT WHEATHER JA LIED ABOUT DV!!!!
BOMBSHELL FOLKS! ALV admits on the stand that she "could be wrong"!!!!!
Camera focused on JW during AlV's answers clearly show her coaching the witness. She is shaking and nodding her head slightly with every question. This is BS. Why is this permitted??????

which feed are you watching?
'I'm sure I could be wrong.'

Hypothetically, of course.
dear god, please let ALV read a transcript of JA sex tape. do not play it in court ever again.
ALV is certainly determined to mention domestic violence as often as possible. Grrrrr.
This "*advertiser censored*-spect" of the anal sex?! OMG! Juan, you are killing it today!!!
Just give it up ALV.
She just continues to try to spar with Juan.
Will get no where.

ALV keeps trying to look 3 steps down the road at where Juan is going with his questioning.
Mame ... Just answer the dang question you are currently being asked.
Your a witness ALV ... Do not attempt to play an attorney on TV.

Juan and Alyce continue to discuss the caramel and rollercoasters that #JodiArias had in her previous relationships.
Wow..."I'm certain I could be wrong!" Nice phrasing. Freudian?
Weeble where is your cat slamming into the doggie door? Every time I think the way is clear and we're going to get somewhere *bam* sidebar :bricks:
Good thing Nurmi is not questioning this witness or we would hear a full day of lub tube talk when the DT gets her back.
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