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Remember how JP tripped over his own words in his opening when he told the jury they would hear from the Daybell children? Something along the lines of…you’ll hear from the 5 Daybell children no 4 or 3 or 4 IIRC. Perhaps it was that Joe was a son-in-law that was tripping him up. Still I think we could hear from one more - likely not Mark as he was in Africa on his mission in Oct 2019. That leaves Leah and Seth. I don’t think that Leah & her husband live in Idaho but I do think Seth & his wife live in Rexburg so if we do hear from a 3rd Daybell sibling, I suspect it would be Seth.
Unless the third child has their own police harassment story, they won't be called.
9:32 a.m. Prior asks if there was damage to the neck or throat. Raven says no. Prior asks about the difference between her report and Christensen’s report where he said asphyxia was manner of death. She says there is nothing that points to asphyxia and she believes the cause of death is undetermined.
Ahh, OK. There's the defense. "Actually it wasn't asphyxia it was...I don't know just not asphyxia."

I do hope that Emma is recalled on rebuttal. Garth was released from subpoena but while I think he is untruthful I also think he's been through enough at present. He seems closer to breaking the programming than Emma. MOO.

Wonder if Prior was considering Joe the third child, over Leah, Seth, and/or Mark.
I forgot about rebuttal for the prosecution. That's a relief.
Wixom: You're not a law enforcement officer, are you?
Joseph: I'd rather choose any other profession.

WELL. That's rather telling about your overall attitude toward LE.

I wonder if he's always held this opinion or if it's recent?! I mean, why in the world would he call law enforcement to report someone fired at Tammy with a gun IF he doesn't respect officers??

ETA: I know mistrust of LE, gov't, etc is part of some religious groups. Does that play a bit of a factor or are the opinions personal in nature?
I had heard kids met her after the memorial (which was the day after the funeral- or 3 days after the 911 call about Tammy's death.)

But I thought Chad brought them to her apartment, not Lori went to their house.

Let’s remember that it was MG who relayed the story about the cookies at LVD’s after the service to us - I think in an interview with Nate but it could have been one of her LE interviews. She said LVD told her she had them over for cookies after the service and they loved her. MG could have misunderstood whether LVD brought cookies to the Daybell house or had the kids over to the apt. I found it odd at the time that the kids would go to LVD’s or anywhere after the memorial - typically people visit the loved ones in the home of the deceased or their own homes rather than gathering at a stranger’s house.

Also remember that CD told friends (maybe Gilberts) he could not stay in his house anymore and was staying with a friend in Rexburg - that friends was LVD but no one seemed to know it at the time - he left his grieving kids at home the night of the memorial and spent that night and every one following with LVD until she was arrested in Hawaii.

What a creep
This is news to everybody. And the children didn't find it disrespectful towards their mother?

It is tragic to listen about Tammy Daybell's life through other people. From her friends, I saw a very hard worker, friendly, generous. From her family, a lazy, sickly woman, who just played video games, and collected dead animals to bury in the backyard.

Was CD always devaluing Tammy? And putting her down to their children? That CD was amazing, and Tammy was lower than dirt? Imagine the emotional abuse that Tammy endured. Her own daughter, Emma said that her mother was trying to lose weight, and that the physical side of the marriage was over for years. (Although, how would a daughter know this?)

What a sad picture I see. Tammy working, CD gallivanting off to conferences. I wonder what their current financial situation was like...Tammy had confided in her friend, that money was tight.

If CD always put Tammy down, the kids probably didn't care much that LVD was introduced so quickly. After all, Tammy had never been "good" enough for their Father.
Who are Paul and Emily Daybell?

Blake just asked the Dr. Raven if she reviewed the reports/statements from them.

Is Paul one of Chad's siblings?

Paul mentioned here:

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