Turkey - Shayan Kazemi, 52, American, Istanbul Turkey, 24 Sept 2011

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    The United States Government is offering a reward of up to $200,000 for information leading directly to the safe location, recovery, and return of Shayan Kazemi.

    Kazemi was last seen wearing a blue, striped shirt and a gray suit and is known to wear a necklace with a gold cross. He has Type 2 Diabetes and takes medication to manage it. He is known to smoke cigarettes, at one point, approximately two packs a day.

    Shayan Kazemi departed the United States from Los Angeles, California, on September 24, 2011. He arrived in Istanbul, Turkey, on September 24, 2011, and last made contact with his family by telephone on September 25, 2011, from the Istanbul Royal Hotel, Aksaray Caddesi No. 16, 34480 Laleli, Istanbul, Turkey. He has not been heard from since that time.

    SHAYAN KAZEMI | Federal Bureau of Investigation

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