GUILTY TX - Bonnie Harkey, 85, & Karen Johnson, 50, slain, Harkeyville, 26 March 2012

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    The victim: Ms. Bonnie Harkey


    BURNET (April 30, 2014) Bruce Harkey, 60, of San Saba, will spend the rest of his life in prison after a jury in Burnet convicted him of capital murder in a plot to kill his stepmother and sell off her valuable pecan farm for more than $570,000.

    Prosecutors were not seeking the death penalty.

    Harkey, 60, was accused of hiring Carl Wade Pressley and Pressley's girlfriend, Lillian King, to kill Bonnie Harkey, 85.

    Bonnie Harkey was discovered missing and Karen Johnson, her housekeeper, was found dead March 26, 2012 by Johnson's 10-year-old son at Harkey's San Saba County home.

    Harkey's body was discovered that night in a shallow grave in the bottom of a drainage ditch almost 200 miles away in Leon County.
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