TX TX - Brian Thomas Vargo, 20, Austin, 9 March 1976

Brian is currently showing one UP rule out:

Case Photo

Unidentified Person / NamUs # UP4661Male, White / Caucasian
Date Body FoundApril 3, 1978
Estimated Age Range (Years)20-30

Family continues search for missing UT Austin student who disappeared in 1976​

By Shannon Ryan

Brian Vargo disappeared the second semester of his sophomore year in 1976. The 20-year-old engineering major had withdrawn from university that semester.

His niece Amanda Vargo Wattecamps recovered a draft copy of the withdrawal form. It indicates Vargo planned to return. Wattecamps said Vargo appears to have kept the leave of absence a secret from close family and friends.

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The FB account dedicated to looking for Brian had this as an image.
I decided to look a bit or some info since the name on the card or whatever this is a Vargo name as well.

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From a quick look at this, it appears that the black angus restaurant as a trading name, was active between 1978 to 1988. I also found an image from the place "Black Angus, Houston, at alabama and weslyn" Here.

Not sure if this means anything or if this item was even in the collection of stuff they had from Brian.
The place itself appeared to have been the Black Angus first then later became "the confederate house" (source). Then the state grille (?) It was demolished because the owner of the building did not want to renew the building masse and I think it is no longer ?

Long story short; The Black Angus appears to have been active from late 1978 to 1988. It could also be entirely irrelevant to the topic on hand if it is something belonging to someone else.
Brian's father, my grandfather, owned this restaurant. As well as my father, Brian's brother. The restaurant was also owned by my great uncle at one time as well.
AUG 28, 2023

Amanda Vargo Wattecamps never got the chance to meet her uncle, Brian Vargo, and that's because he vanished 47 years ago, at just 20 years old.

She recently started digging into his disappearance in hopes of getting her grandmother, Brian's mom, some sort of closure.

Even though Vargo went missing in 1976, an official missing person's report wasn't filed until 2021.

"I went to my grandma, and I said, who did you file it with? She said HPD, but they didn't have any record of it. So, the whole time, they didn't officially take one, but she thought she had. She thought that calling and letting them know was enough," Wattecamps explained.

More at The Missing: Brian Vargo vanished in 1976, his 100-year-old mother yearns for answers
The Vanished Podcast just released an episode about Brian's disappearance. I was excited to listen to this episode since I have been following his case for awhile, and that Marissa from the Vanished always does a great job telling the stories of the missing.

<iframe src="Brian Vargo" style="width: 100%; height: 200px; border: 0 none;" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Sometime in March 1976, 20-year-old Brian Vargo vanished from Austin, Texas. He had unenrolled from all of his classes at the University of Texas at Austin at the end of February, just a few weeks prior to his disappearance. He indicated in his application to unenroll that he intended to return to classes in the summer quarter of 1976. However, Brian seemingly vanished into thin air and has not been seen or heard from since. His story is one of soul-searching and a young man who seemed to be looking for an independent identity as an adult, finding his own way in life. Whether or not he ever achieved that goal and what happened to him remains a mystery.

If you have any information about Brian’s disappearance, please call the Austin Police Department at 512-974-5210.


do yall have any questions i maybe able to answer?
I just listened to the Vanished episode. I think you’re doing a wonderful job in advocating for Brian. My question is this:

If Brian is getting ruled out for some Does, does that mean his DNA is in CODIS? (Sorry, I don’t know the specifics of the rule out process)


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I just listened to the Vanished episode. I think you’re doing a wonderful job in advocating for Brian. My question is this:

If Brian is getting ruled out for some Does, does that mean his DNA is in CODIS? (Sorry, I don’t know the specifics of the rule out process)
Sorry for taking so long to reply. That is actually 2 separate things, ill explain what i mean. Yes, Brian's mother and sister have DNA to be compared. But the rule outs are from requesting direct comparisons for those UPs that dont have DNA on file but may have other evidence. At least that is my understanding of how it works. I have requested several direct comparisons, some have taken a week to get back the no answer one has taken months.

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