TX - Jazmine Robin, 10 weeks, beaten to death by parents, Houston, June 2019 *Arrests*

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    Houston parents Jason Paul Robin, 24, and 21-year-old Katharine Wyndham White were charged in the death of Jazmine Robin after an autopsy found the child suffered 96 total fractures, including a skull fracture, 71 rib fractures, and 23 long bone fractures.

    It is believed Jazmine, who was born premature at 29 weeks, suffered the injuries just days after being brought home from the hospital.

    Almost a year after the death of the baby, Jason Robin is charged with murder and Katharine White faces a count of injury to a child by omission.

    Texas Couple Charged After Medical Examiner Says Dead Baby Had 90+ Fractures
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    Why oh why do these @ssholes not just admit they cannot look after a baby and give them to someone who can.:mad::mad: How anyone can hurt something so helpless is beyond evil. Just seems to be getting worse as well:(
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    Robin was initially charged with murder, but now faces a capital murder charge. White is charged with felony murder, upgraded from an injury to a child by omission charge.

    White and Robin were once engaged to each other.

    Investigators who spoke to Robin and White at the hospital wrote in court documents that the parents described various situations where the baby wouldn't take a bottle or acted weird.

    About a week before her death, the parents said they had to give the baby CPR because she stopped breathing.

    Court documents show once the baby regained consciousness, the parents did not take the baby to the hospital.

    A man who lived in the same house as the parents told investigators that he told Robin, the dad, he needed to take the baby to the hospital but that he had refused.
    Upgraded murder charges against parents in case of premature baby who died with 96 fractures
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