TX - Terri 'Missy' Bevers,45, murdered in church/person in SWAT gear,18 Apr 2016 #26

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Apr 23, 2016
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The killer is male


Missy knew her killer, it was a targeted attack

JMHO, If people are going to go with Camper 1, why even go with the 435 time? If someone was there to murder someone, and no one else would be there for a while, why would the first camper give a 435 time of arrival? Especially if didn't go into building until others arrived? It would be too big of a risk for a Killer to have the SWAT Gear in their vehicles right there on the parking lot. How would they know if their vehicles would be searched or not? JMHO I don't think Suspect was first camper or any that were there when LE showed up.

If they had an accomplice and killed MB when she first arrived as LE has stated, left almost immediately as they also stated, pausing a moment to rinse off their gloves or boots, get in the car and be driven away to get out of uniform and come back in their own car they may want to state the actual time they came back in case a camera recorded their arrival. I can see if they knew they could blend in, wanting to be at the scene when she was found and when LE arrived. A statistic was previously quoted for how close murderers try to stay to the investigation.
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