UK - 3 Iceland Foods staff attacked by shoplifters, 2023

yes it ought to be but the ' years ago' struck me.
'Three of our store colleagues are now HIV positive as a result of needle attacks several years ago'

Does that mean he doesn't know whether these crimes were reported to LE at the time? No action or follow-up?
well fancy that! running with an old conspiracy theory which turned out not to be true

At least it explains my earlier post on this thread

I was expecting them to follow-up with a comment from the original source, Richard Walker
Thank you for posting this as the last thing wanted is negative info concerning HIV.
The thread should now focus on shoplifting and the dangers it presents to store workers and customers. imo.
Reported thread heading to be altered to just reflect the shoplifting problems.

Right, the shoplifting problem is bad enough in itself without needing false stories that fuel HIV stigma and falsehoods.

I used to work in a small convenience shop in a village, until a couple years ago. Thankfully we never had any violent shoplifting, just sneaky shoplifting, and one attempt to get money out of the till. Teenager walked in at about 4.30am and demanded money out of the till. We were trained to give shoplifters whatever they wanted (no amount of money is worth our safety) but the guy didn't have a weapon (and being so early we didn't have much money) so my coworker just said 'sorry, no' and he walked out! (I do like that she apologised - British politeness!)

Needless to say I'm glad I work in a hospital now rather than in retail with how things are now.
'' Sep 20, 2023 #ThisMorning
Shopkeepers and retail bosses are demanding urgent action to tackle the epidemic of shoplifting sweeping Britain’s high streets. With many shops taking matters into their own hands and putting in place their own measures to protect their staff and products. Paul Gerrard, Campaigns and Public Affairs Director for Co-op, says police and army veterans working undercover for the chain are catching shoplifters only to have to let them go because police are ignoring nearly 80% of cases. We're joined by Paul Gerrard and David Wilson to tell us more about this crime epidemic.''

''A Co-op boss has warned that stores are descending into "anarchy" as staff face a sharp rise in retail crime.
Operations director Kate Graham said the company was facing prolific shoplifting to order and a rise in armed robberies.
UK stores have seen a 35% increase in crime in the past year and more than 900 staff were physically assaulted.
The Scottish Grocers' Federation said a survey had found all of its members now experienced theft on a daily basis.''

Euan Healy in London YESTERDAY

'' Amil Mostafa feels he is fighting a losing battle. “Someone tries at least three times a day,” the Mountain Warehouse supervisor said of attempts to steal merchandise from the branch of the outdoor retailer where he works. “Recently, a guy ran in and grabbed six jackets, worth about £290, £300 each, and I had to chase him out of the shop,” said Mostafa, describing how the shoplifter’s friend had stood by the door of the shop in London’s north Islington to try to block his attempt to give chase.''

'' This week, a coalition of the UK’s largest retail associations, including the British Retail Consortium and the Association of Convenience Stores, sent a letter to every police and crime commissioner in England and Wales decrying a level of shoplifting that they said was having an enormous financial impact on businesses.''
It has since been clarified that this whole story wasn't true. Which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows anything about HIV. The National AIDS Trust had to put out a statement that transmitting HIV this way is likely impossible and there have never been any cases of it happening, let alone three: We believe claims that HIV transmission occurred through needle attacks to Iceland staff are inaccurate and have fueled HIV stigma

The Daily Mail article has now been edited to add: “Since this article was first published, Iceland have clarified that they provided information to MailOnline in error, regarding staff being infected with HIV, and the article has been revised accordingly.”

Meanwhile, the headlines make the rounds.
I try and avoid my local Lidl. Twice now whilst shopping there I’ve nearly been sent flying by shoplifters whilst on my way in through entrance as they are pegging it out with a bag full of goodies to probably sell in the pub. :mad:
There’s a separate exit door for those who pay.
''Many shoplifters dress smartly and will often speak to you, joke with you and engage with you. They don’t always work alone and they may try to relax or distract you while an accomplice steals. They’re good at creating diversions, especially when you’ve unlocked a cabinet. Don’t fall for it. Get one of your staff to assist you.

A key part of dealing with shoplifters is by having strong security such as a member of staff near any doors; by knowing your clientele; by encouraging staff to remain alert; and by intelligent use of security devices.

How to spot a shoplifter​

There are a number of tell-tale signs that flag up a shoplifter. But remember, while the following don't necessarily mean the person is guilty – and be aware that you are responsible for your behaviour, both legally and commercially – we recommend that you keep an eye on shoppers who:
  • seem to be watching you and the staff rather than shopping and may be waiting for the right moment to steal an item
  • seem to want to keep your attention and talk for the sake of it – possibly because an accomplice is elsewhere stealing
  • look like they’re taking little notice of your products
  • seem a little nervous and possibly pick up random items with little interest
  • keep refusing your offer of help or assistance
  • frequently enter your store and never make a purchase
  • want you to unlock and open cabinets but don’t buy anything

What to do if you see a shoplifter in action​

If you see them take something then ask them politely to put the item back but be careful to keep your tone neutral and back off if you feel threatened. Always be sure they’ve taken something before you speak to them – and only if you feel it’s safe to do so.

Once you're sure that they are indeed a shoplifter, call 999.''
On one hand, it's great that the original story about the thieves stabbing people with infected needles wasn't true. Again, this type of thing would have been horrific & unconscionable.

On the other hand, it's too bad that shoplifting is such an issue in the UK. I was there about 10 years ago & didn't feel that crime was that bad - but I wasn't there for that long & didn't do a lot of shopping.
Meanwhile, in the US.. a cautionary tale. rbbm
September 27, 2023
''EAST HARLEM, Manhattan (WABC) -- In a surprise move by the retail giant Target, the company is shutting down several stores across the country including one in East Harlem, saying theft and crime are to blame.''

''This was the first Target in Manhattan. It opened in 2009 to great fanfare about bringing new retail to an underserved community.
Now, it will close for good on October 21.''

''PHILADELPHIA -- More than a dozen people were arrested after a massive group of juvenile looters ransacked businesses across Philadelphia on Tuesday night.

The chaos started around 7:30 p.m. after numerous 911 calls stated a large group, possibly as many as 100 or so, moving through Center City.''
This is horrible, but not at all surprising. Thieves are taking over. And, the rest of us can't even feel safe when we go out shopping. No wonder many of us are ordering online so much - it's not only easier, it's safer.
27 September 2023
''Welcome to the world of the middle-class, middle-aged shoplifter - women with zero financial reasons to steal, but for whom doing so appears to be a reaction to feeling unfulfilled in their 40s and 50s.

''This year, shoplifting has become the curse of the High Street. Dame Sharon White - chair of John Lewis Partnership, which owns John Lewis and Waitrose, both temples to middle-class retail - has described it as an 'epidemic' and every day brings new cries for help from Britain's supermarket bosses.

That's why the Mail on Sunday recently launched its End The Shoplifting Epidemic campaign.

According to statistics released earlier this month by the British Retail Consortium, shop thefts have more than doubled in the past three years, and currently cost retailers some £953 million a year. About 70 per cent of this figure is for crime prevention costs including security, and the remaining 30 per cent direct losses due to theft.

The Co-op said recently it had recorded its highest-ever levels of retail crime, shoplifting and anti-social behaviour in the six months to June, with almost 1,000 incidents each day.''
Welcome to the world of the middle-class, middle-aged shoplifter - women with zero financial reasons to steal, but for whom doing so appears to be a reaction to feeling unfulfilled (Stock Photo)
I was a Target cashier in the early 1980s, before they went nationwide, and the majority of the thefts were an inside job.

Not long after I left, a employee-theft ring was broken up, and one of the participants was the manager's teenage daughter! Because she was a minor, she was going to have her record expunged if she made restitution of something like $3,500 (in 1985-ish dollars, no less) within a certain period of time. I commend him for not letting her get away with this!

In the early 00s, I was living in a small Midwestern city, and their Tuesday Morning store closed abruptly "for inventory." It never reopened, and while it wasn't reported further, it didn't take long for the word to get out that the employees there were skimming the best items and trying to sell them on eBay.
Dec 16, 2023
The National breaks down what’s behind an alarming rise in retail crime across Canada and what needs to be done to keep customers and staff safe.

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