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Originally posted by: Jackalyn. Moved here for discussion.


Missing People - Andrew Gosden
Andrew has been missing from his home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, since 14 September 2007. He was last seen on CCTV footage at King s Cross Station in London later that morning. There is great concern for Andrew and he is urged to call the Runaway Helpline on Freefone 0808 800 7070 for confidential advice and support . When Andrew went missing he was 5ft 3in tall, slim with light brown hair and brown eyes. He needs strong prescription glasses. He was last seen wearing black jeans and T-shirt.

Facebook - Andrew Gosden
A couple of news items on Andrew...

A perfect son, a model family - so what made him run away?
His parents are haunted by the stark, still-frame closed-circuit television footage of their son leaving King’s Cross. In three consecutive shots, Andrew Gosden walks from the concourse towards the railway station exit and emerges on to the pavement.
Small for his age and slim, he is 14 but looks younger, perhaps 12. He is wearing a black T-shirt and jeans and has a black canvas satchel slung over his shoulder.

One year on, missing Andrew Gosden is still a blank space in family's heart
Eyes averted and voice lowered to a whisper, Kevin Gosden confesses that in the darkest hours he has found himself envying the parents of murdered children.
It is an extraordinary admission that illustrates the hell in which he and his wife Glenys have lived for the past year. Parents of teenagers fatally shot or stabbed “are lucky because at least they know” their child’s fate. No one knows what happened to Andrew Gosden.
Thanks for starting the thread for Andrew. To date he is still missing and nothing seems to turn up as a lead. is his facebook page - or rather the one started for him. He is 18 on Sunday.

There was a man turned up at a police station saying he had information but he went before the police arrived to open up the station. That was a few years ago now. That was on 29 Nov 2008- The man refused to give his details and has never re-appeared. That seems the only thing to have happened in 3 years.

I have heard Kings Cross is an area where pedophiles operate - any kid running away to London is likely to go there if they go by train. Andrew does not seem to have had access to much computer or even a mobile phone. He did have an Xbox. Is it possible to chat on an Xbox? That is the only way I can think of someone could have groomed him.

I can't understand why more people did not notice the lad all alone at Kings Cross and why nobody much seems to have come forward apart from the lady who sold the ticket and the person who was on the train. Surely you would notice a fairly young looking lad in a station all alone?

There is no CCTV footage after Kings Cross - apparently it was deleted before they tried to review it as far as my understanding goes. It gets deleted in a certain time span and I don't think the police acted fast enough. I may be wrong.

I just wish someone could think of something ...........This really does get to me as I have talked to Andrew's father on facebook a bit and do try to keep up on what is happening.


This just came up on a news search an hour ago. The police are scaling back the search and leaving the case open.

I do wonder if by now someone would have come forward if Andrew was just a run away- The parents have targeted fliers in every possible way to raise awareness and I don't think that he seemed the type not to send something home saying 'I am ok,' if he could but there is STILL an outside chance he is alive and if not there is still no body.
1. Boy seems fine the night before. Plays a jig saw with his mum and watches T.V with his dad. -So they did have a computer. I don't think any evidence was found on it.

2. Perfect school attendanced glittering array of prizes. I found a few posts once saying he was bullied at school?

3. He dresses to go to school but clearly did not intend to. It is clear he had formed an intention of leaving. Puts his blazer on the back of a chair and uniform into a washing machine.

3. Refuses a ticket that is two way even though it is nearly as cheap as a one way. Is insistent on that.

Plays X box on train.

Arrives at Kings Cross with just a shoulder bag - if he was leaving home, then why did he take no clothes?

I do wonder if he just wanted for once to be the rebel and set off on some kind of journey - maybe he did not want to come back from Kings Cross because he wanted to go somewhere else. (So he would be returning from there.)

£200 would not last that long in London, but if he just intended to be away for a day then he could probably get a ticket back from most places with that.

As a 14 year old looking like a 12 year old it is unlikely any hotel or B and B would not notice him asking: so I do not think he would have many choices on a place to stay unless he knew someone.

He has no coat....if you were going for a while would you not at least take a coat - especially if you were planning on sleeping rough.

It would be noticeable if a boy of that age bought clothes in a shop?

My own thinking is he has to have been meeting someone somewhere OR he planned a sort of dare to himself and met with foul play.

If it was suicide then why go to the lengths of going all the way to London to do it? I do NOT think that was what he did.
Here's hoping the experts are wrong & that Andrew is still alive.
I am confused. The link goes to the artists impression of what Andrew might look like now though I have seen somewhere a suggestion that this makes him look healthy and what might be needed is one of him hungry and homeless - personally, I think after time they should do both for missing persons like Andrew and maybe even a likeness of the person on drugs so that nothing is missed. Although they think he is dead, they did show him again on Freeview. I personally think if he is dead they would have found a body by now - somewhere. I lean more to him being held against his will having been groomed. Keep thinking of that man who went to the police station. If you really had information, then would you not stay unless you were scared and trying to say something in a hurry?
Please...what image bearing an account on twitter?????????? I want to leave no stone unturned and you are saying there is a resemblance. I can only find the worship leader who I am sure cannot be him and also the guy in Australia. I do think there is something odd about that picture, but the lips are wrong.
Sorry for the delay. I have been reading other threads and had not
checked this one much until now.

I did not post the link to the twitter account because doing so might be in
conflict with the TOS here at websleuths.

The Account was under the name andy gosden as I posted.
It seems to be an Australian person using the same name.

The pic used resembled one of the younger pic in the page
I linked about the missing boy but looked as if he had
aged a year or two.

I realized it may be unlikely to be anything other than a
coincidence of 2 people with the same name and some resemblance on
the internet but I also know people can claim to be in any country they
want on the internet and so I posted so that if anyone wants to look it up
they can see for themselves.

All I did to find the page was to use the name 'Andy gosden' instead of
the name 'Andrew gosden' in running a websearch using a public search
engine similar to google (but not google.)

As someone mentioned, this was only posted in the name of 'leavng no
stone unturned.'

I have a feeling this boy is alive somewhere & I am hoping the
'experts' are wrong. I have seen no mention of a suicide note
and buying a oneway ticket could just mean he wasn't planning
to return to his old life but planned on reinventing himself in a new place.
Unreal. It's just unbelievable that there are NO clues as to why he would run away. Nothing on his computer, no notes left behind, no emotional problems or family incidents.. no problems at school.. nothing said to friends... nothing, nothing, nothing. And he apparently was adamant in buying a one-way ticket.. how strange is that. God bless his parents, sister, & family and I hope they can find a bit of peace again someday, even if they never have any answers.... :(
Still nothing. I realise most of you are in the US but if you have a
facebook account you can help the recent push to get Andrew's details out there. I myself think that given the Thames river was dredged, so we know that Andrew's body was there and also that he took money for the trip to London, then he is possibly abducted. I suspect he is not actually in the UK which is why he is so hard to find. Who knows really, but just spreading the pictures, even after all this time would be good.

Not sure if I can put a link to the fb account or not now, after the twitter discussion, but easy to search for it.

There is at least more discussion. Sadly, no news at all.

Hi Just a quick line with an added incentive to say I have a 15,000 pounds reward for any information leading to Andrew's location, dead or alive
Andrew has a very distinctive ear. I think any picture of an unidentified person would make a lot of that. It has kind of extra creases at the top.

I wonder if he was somehow bundled into a car or got into a car at the station and is not actually in the country at all.

Hit and run? -no because it would have been seen and there would be a body.

I wonder if he ended up in one of the amusement arcades and got picked up there. That is something that I have not heard asked about but there are plenty in London.....maybe it is an avenue worth trying?
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