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GUILTY UK - Lisa Clay, 41, & Joseph Chadwick, 6, murdered, Lancashire, 9 April 2013

Discussion in 'Recently Sentenced and Beyond' started by zwiebel, Sep 23, 2014.

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    Murderer Paul Chadwick, who stabbed his partner Lisa Clay and their six-year-old son Joseph to death in Lancashire last year, is now asking for all of Lisa's estate. To include all property and cash assets.

    Chadwick is serving an indefinite detention in a psychiatric hospital after pleading guilty to two counts of manslaughter, but recently told a court:

    ' "It's not about benefiting. It's obviously been portrayed in the papers that it is to do with money... I was unwell. I nearly took my own life. I had about 20 injuries to myself.

    "I want to put it out in this courtroom that I was unwell at the time. I was very unwell. I have been through the worst of it that I can ever have imagined. It can't get any worse than I already have.'

    '.....He added: "I loved them to bits. Whatever happens I have got memories of them. No-one can take that away from me, nobody." '

    Chadwick was legally entitled to half the couple's £80,000 (around $130,000) estate, and Lisa had also made a will before he killed her, passing her share to him, if she should die first. However, the UK has laws against people profiting from a crime, so Chadwick is having to fight to get the money in the courts. His lawyer says:

    '....his client "wanted to get something back" to recognise that his actions did not reflect his character, that he was ill at the time of the killings and had no history of mental health problems.'

    Victim Lisa's aunt, Greta Squires, is contesting Chadwick's claim. The judge hasn't reached a decision yet.

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    hopefully the judge will have a sober moment and deny his request.......
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