UK UK - Mary Duncan, 17, Bonhill, West Dunbartonshire, 19 March 1976

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    Mary Duncan, who was 17, disappeared from her home in Third Avenue, Bonhill, on 19 March 1976. Despite an extensive investigation, no trace of the young mother was ever found.

    Mary told her family she was going to meet a friend but never returned.

    She had become pregnant at 15 and gave birth to a girl, Laura, on 17 February 1975. She did not take her daughter with her when she disappeared and the baby died of natural causes on 25 October 1976.


    Police dig plan in hunt for missing teen

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    Police search paedophile’s house to try and solve 1976 mystery

    Mary Duncan, 17, has not been seen since she told her family she was going to see friends in March 1976, in Bonhill, in the Vale of Leven.

    Now forensic teams, detectives and uniformed officers are sifting through the former home of her stepfather, Norman Duncan, half a mile away from when she was last seen.

    Duncan, now 73, is currently serving five years after being found guilty in 2016 of sexually abusing girls in the 1960s and 1970s.
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    Mary Duncan's sisters Debbie, Mandy and Marion made a public appeal

    Retired detectives are being urged to help cold case officers investigate thedisappearance of a teenage girl more than 40 years ago.

    Mary Duncan, 17, was last seen in March 1976 when she left home after telling her family she was going to see friends.
    Police Scotland’s Major Investigations Team launched a fresh probe last year after new information emerged.

    Now the force has asked former officers in the Strathclyde Police Serious Crime Squad between 1976 and 1979 to come forward.

    They issued the appeal on social media used by retired officers. One of the sites – Semper Vigilo, Strathclyde Police’s motto – has more than 4000 users.

    They were urged to call the Operation Senator incident room in Dumbarton. No details were given. But the Mail can reveal detectives want to speak to officers involved in Mary ’s case.

    Detective Superintendent Calum Young said: “We are appealing for any officers who worked on the original investigation into Mary’s disappearance to contact us.”

    Squad members were based at force HQ in Pitt Street, Glasgow. One retired officer said: ”We helped out local police and CID. We were often called in if an investigation was in difficulties or had hit a brick wall.

    “The investigation team will be hoping old cops can recall information that may not be in the files.”
    Retired detectives urged to help in missing teen Mary Duncan's cold case
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    An update on Mary's case. Digging of hospital grounds to begin today...

    Detectives dig up Scots hospital grounds in Mary Duncan disappearance case

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