UK - Paul Hanson, 54, died from a single stab wound to the heart, West Cowick, East Yorkshire, 28 December 2022 *wife charged with murder*


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May 25, 2020
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Teresa Hanson, 54, of Little London Lane, West Cowick, near Snaith, west of Goole, had been due to enter a plea when she appeared before Hull Crown Court. But, in the event, no plea was taken because of ongoing work that is continuing on the case. (…)


Hanson had previously been allowed bail after appearing in custody for a preliminary hearing in January. She had earlier been remanded in custody following her appearance at Hull Magistrates' Court. (…)

Police were called to Little London Lane at 7.15pm that day after reports that Mr Hanson had suffered a stab wound. He was taken to hospital but died shortly afterwards despite the efforts of the emergency services. The couple had been married for 34 years (…)

At the earlier court hearing, the prosecution gave details of the likely timetable for the case. A trial date has been fixed for June 12, with a time estimate of about five days.

As part of the bail conditions at the previous hearing, Hanson was told that she would have to live with her parents in Rawcliffe Bridge, near Goole, and would be on an electronically monitored curfew between 11pm and 6am.

She would have to surrender her passport to the police and would not be allowed to apply for foreign travel. Hanson would not be able to enter West Cowick and was banned from discussing the circumstances of the case with family members. (…)

More info here: Woman murdered husband of 34 years by stabbing him, inquest hears
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The trial has started…

(…)Addressing a jury at Hull Crown Court on Monday, Alistair MacDonald KC said Mrs Hanson "was preparing supper when something happened between the husband and the wife".
Mrs Hanson denies a charge of murder.(…)

(…) Mr MacDonald read out the prepared statement Mrs Hanson gave before her interviews the day after the stabbing during which she gave ‘no comment’ answers.

In her statement, Mrs Hanson said: “He (Mr Hanson) has been verbally and mentally abusive to me made worse by a brain injury, particularly when he drank.

“I was in the kitchen preparing a meal. He had been drinking wine and was in a bad mood. I had a knife in my hand as I was preparing tea. He was shouting at me and, as he walked towards me I turned round and the knife went into him. I didn’t realise what had happened until the dog started barking and I saw a blood trail and he was collapsed on the floor.” (…)

(…) Mrs Hanson was arrested on suspicion of murder and later claimed in a statement that her husband had “walked onto” the blade as she was preparing food.

But prosecutor Alistair MacDonald KC said pathologists believed this was “highly unlikely” and questioned why she didn't help officers with their investigations.

He said: “The penetration of his body by the knife which she was preparing food with, she appears to suggest, was a terrible accident caused by Mr Hanson unexpectedly turning towards her.

“As a result of which, the knife went right through his heart and into one of the major blood vessels of the body. She does not appear to suggest she attacked him. (…)
“[But] shortly after that happened, she made that call to the emergency services.

“She was quite clear in that call that she had stabbed her husband out of anger after an argument before she had a chance perhaps to think up some other story.”
A paramedic told the jury in a statement that Mr Hanson was lying on his back when the crew arrived and she said: "I have stabbed him." She gave no explanation as to why or how she had done this. Mr Hanson was unconscious.

Resuscitation was started immediately by the four-strong team but "despite our best effort", he did not respond to any treatment.

Hanson was heard on the phone saying: "I have stabbed him" and she also said: "You lot are the experts and can save him. I'll give you a thousand pounds each if you can." (…)

(…)The court was played a 999 call to police in which Mrs Hanson told the operator: "We had an argument and I accidentally stabbed him."

During the call she was heard saying: "Paul, please wake up."

She later told police: "I didn't mean to." (…)

The court also heard from the couple's son (…)Ryan Hanson who described his parents as having a "doting, loving relationship".
He described how his mother had cared for his father after he suffered a serious head injury after being attacked on a night out in 2011.
Asked by defence barrister Jason Pitter KC, "Does the idea your mum would want to hurt your father fit?" he answered, "Not at all". (…)
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Hanson deliberately thrust the knife into his chest before continuing to caramelise onions with the same bloodied blade, jurors concluded. [...]

Hanson shrieked as she was found guilty at Hull Crown Court following a retrial. She will be sentenced on October 3 and was remanded into custody.

A jury at Hull Crown Court convicted Hanson of murder.

It took the jury less than three hours to reach a verdict, which was met by crying and shrieking in the public gallery when it was delivered by the foreman.

Hanson, who had been on bail throughout the trial, has been remanded into custody.

So she pulled the knife out and kept preparing dinner? Didn't she wonder why there was blood on the knife?
On what grounds could she successfully appeal, though?

In my opinion, it sounds like they had an argument that led to a brief violent fight and the jury determined she broke a particular law. JMO.
There was some legal argument as to
Premeditation and it should have been a manslaughter charge. There is also the point that it took two trials to convict her.

The angle for appeal may even take into account any DV that the wife was subjected to, which would also downgrade to a man slaughter charge or conviction. There have been a few cases over the years where convictions have been overturned because the spouse was subjected to DV.

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