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1991, Diane McInally, 23, was found dead in bushes in Pollok Park. Two men were charged with her murder but later released because of a lack of evidence

1993, Karen McGregor, 28, a mother-of-two, was strangled and her body was found near the SECC car park.
Her husband, Charles, was tried for murder but the jury found the case not proven
George Walker was cleared of her murder. A further man was questioned but eliminated from the police inquiries

1995 Marjorie Roberts, 34, was found in the river Clyde

1995, Leona McGovern, 25, was found dead in a Glasgow car park, stabbed 17 times and throttled.

1996, Jacqueline Gallacher, 26, was found dead on a grass verge in Dumbartonshire.
Eight years later, a man was tried for her murder but the case was found not proven

1997, Tracey Wylde, 21, was found beaten to death in her flat in Barmulloch, Glasgow

1998, Margo Lafferty, 27, was murdered after picking up a client in Glasgow city centre

Emma Caldwell, 27, was discovered in a ditch in isolated woodland in Lanarkshire by a dog walker in May 2005

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Feb 20, 2019
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I was hoping there was a thread on this as just been reading up about it. Truly horrible case. I find the fact that the obvious choice (at the scene, matching the description, known to the victim) was never questioned under caution as they were so convinced it was the Turkish guy. You could argue he did get it worse than a life sentence as he’s been properly ostracised by everyone and is cut off from the world.

I will look at the other cases but they are all a decade earlier which means it wouldn’t be the prime suspects in the Emma Caldwell case. Sad to think no one has been charged for it


Oct 2, 2016
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This week a man was convicted of the murder of Tracy Wylde in 1997.

Zhi Min Chen of Anniesland in the West End of Glasgow pleaded guilty at the start of his trial at Glasgow High Court - this was somewhat surprising, as Chen had hired Donald Findlay, one of Scotland's most prominent defence lawyers, suggesting that there must have been strong evidence against him.

Chen was charged with Tracy's murder last year after forensic evidence gathered in the course of his arrest for an unrelated crime linked him to the crime scene in the young mum's flat 22 years ago. This also apparently exonerated Sougat Mukherjee, who had previously been charged with Tracy's murder and was awaiting extradition from India.

Chinese born Chen reportedly first settled in Scotland in 1994, which would rule him out as a suspect in the killings of Diane McInally and Karen MacGregor.

Since arriving in the West of Scotland Chen had married, had 2 children and opened a takeaway restaurant in the nearby town of East Kilbride.

From a personal perspective this case gives me creeps, as I have unwittingly been in Chen's restaurant several times over the years, as it is fairly local to me.


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Oct 21, 2009
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Takeaway owner admits killing Glasgow sex worker Tracey Wylde

Tracy Wylde murder: Takeaway owner admits killing Glasgow sex worker
“The conclusion of this case also sends an important message regarding Police Scotland’s commitment to unresolved murders.

"These cases will always be a key priority and our specialist detectives will continue to use the latest advances in technology and any new information which comes to light to provide answers for the families of victims and bring their killers to justice.”
"Chinese-born Chen meantime continued to live in Glasgow, getting married and also setting up a takeaway restaurant in Anniesland.

But, police struck lucky last summer after Chen was held for an alleged assault in Glasgow's Cowcaddens.

His DNA matched samples found at the scene at time."


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Sep 26, 2014
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A man has been jailed for a minimum of 20 years for the murder of a woman in Glasgow more than two decades ago. Zhi Min Chen, 44, choked Tracey Wylde to death at her flat in Barmulloch in November 1997. The body of the 21-year-old mother-of-one - who had been working as a prostitute - was found the next day. Chinese-born Chen, who admitted the murder last month, was arrested last summer after his DNA was taken following an alleged assault...

Chen, who was 22 at the time of the murder, stood with his head bowed in the dock as he was sentenced to life in prison. He must serve at least 20 years before he can apply for parole.
Man jailed for 1997 murder of Glasgow woman

A former prime suspect in a murder case dating back more than 20 years has said that his life was "shattered" by the accusation. For several years, 41-year-old Sougat Mukherjee lived under fear of extradition from India to Scotland for a crime he didn't commit
Murder accusation 'shattered my life'

The sister of a woman murdered more than two decades ago lashed out yesterday after her killer was sentenced to 20 years in jail... Bernadette said the family were “really disappointed” with the sentence. She said: “It should’ve been longer. He ran for longer and hid for longer. It’s kind of a slap in the face.

“No time is ever going to be enough. I lost my sister, I’ll never get her back, so life will never be normal for us as a family again.
Sister of mum murdered two decades ago blasts killer's 20-year sentence