UK - Shakira Spencer, 35, tortured and starved to death, Ealing, London, 25 September 2022


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May 25, 2020
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35-year old Shakira Spencer was found dead in her home in Ealing, west London, on September 25, 2022. Her body was so badly decomposed that a post-mortem examination could not find a cause of death. However, it is alleged that she was detained and tortured over a number of days at a different address before being returned to her home and killed.

Shakira was last seen on September 12, 2022. A neighbour reported a bad smell coming from her flat on September 25, and police forced entry to find her body.

Three people are on trial for Shakira's murder: Ashana Studholme, 37, Lisa Richardson, 43, and Shaun Pendlebury, 25.

Opening their trial, prosecutor Allison Hunter KC said: "For whatever was their unfathomable, cruel, sadistic motive, these three defendants tormented, tortured, starved, burned and eventually battered Shakira Spencer to death."
After meeting the defendants, Ms Spencer was allegedly subdued and dominated mainly by Ms Studholme and Ms Richardson to the point where she was under the trio's "complete control".
She was scalded on her feet, fed only ketchup from sachets and went from being a "beautiful, happy, healthy" size 16 in early 2021 to a "gaunt and skeletal" size six by July 2022, jurors were told.
The court heard the abuse reached a "frenzied climax" last September when Ms Spencer was beaten "to the brink of death" at Ms Studholme's home.
Never heard about this. Poor Shakira. If you search her facebook, the name of one of those arrested shows up in a comment from 6 years ago, so sounds like someone who knew her well.

There's also a picture of her in other articles that show how she looked before her death. She must have suffered for quite some time :(

RIP Shakira.
What would've been their motive beyond cruelty and greed ?
When they sent her to the shops, I wish she could have escaped !
Also wish she could have been rescued... maybe her family didn't even know where she was ?
How sad for a seemingly capable and functioning adult to be 'disappeared' like this.

Rest in peace, Shakira.

Ashana Studholme, 38, her lover Shaun Pendlebury, 26, both of Ealing, and Lisa Richardson, 44, of Harrow, all deny murder (…)

They took over her flat and finances, and then treated her like a slave while filming their abuse of her, the court heard. Shaun's mother Michelle Pendlebury, who was also a friend of Studholme, told jurors how Studholme controlled her son and Richardson. Ms Pendlebury said on one occasion Studholme made her hit Ms Spencer. She said that Studholme was "opinionated", had "a lot of attitude", and was "quite a force". Ms Pendlebury had been good friends with Studholme and would go to her home nearly every day.

The friendship came to an end around June 2022 when she claimed to see Studholme set upon Ms Spencer and attack her on the floor. Ms Pendlebury told police that Studholme was controlling towards her son and Richardson. She said she saw things she did not like but stuck with her until the incident where Ms Spencer was beaten. Ms Pendlebury said she told other friends to keep a distance and that Studholme was bad news. She also told her son to stay away but never knew the extent of their relationship, she said.
Giving evidence, Mr Pendlebury, said he had nothing to do with Ms Spencer's death and had offered to call her an ambulance after finding her in a bad state.
He told jurors he had visited her twice to take her food and check on her. The first time, he found her after hearing a noise from a cupboard, he said.
He told jurors: "To me, she seemed in a bad way. I asked if she wanted me to call her an ambulance. She said no, no, she's fine.
"I gave her the soup and said I would come back and see her later."

On his return, he helped her out of the cupboard and to a children’s bed and helped her with the soup because it was too thick for her to drink through a straw, jurors heard.

Pendlebury said he only found out Ms Spencer had died when Studholme, who was her neighbour, called him.

He told jurors he agreed to go and check for himself because he “couldn’t quite believe it”.

He said: “I seen Shakira basically motionless on the bed…

Pendlebury said he only found out Ms Spencer had died when Studholme, who was her neighbour, called him.

He told jurors he agreed to go and check for himself because he “couldn’t quite believe it”.

He said: “I seen Shakira basically motionless on the bed…

“I left straight away. I went back to Ashana and told her she was correct.”

At a meeting at Richardson’s flat, Studholme was upset and told her boyfriend she “couldn’t go back to jail”, he said.

In the early hours of last September 16, Pendlebury went back to Ms Spencer’s flat to get his clothes and trainers, jurors were told.
He said: “Earlier that evening I decided nobody was making sense of anything. I removed my stuff from the property. I didn’t want to be involved in anything.”
He told jurors his co-defendants went with him and cleaned the flat.
We all know there's a lot of nastiness out there that we have to negotiate on these boards. Still, some cases just get right under your skin and you're invested for no 'unique' reason. This case is one of them. Am glad the boyfriend is speaking up: she 'couldn't go back to jail'. It is good to talk.
Pendlebury claims he witnessed assaults on Ms Spencer by Studholme and Richardson but did not participate.
Pendlebury told jurors after Ms Spencer was beaten by Studholme and Richardson on 11 September 2022 while she slept on newspapers on the floor in the hallway of Studholme’s home.

A witness claims they saw Pendlebury drag Ms Spencer off the floor in the morning and throw her against the oven causing her to bang her head, which he denied.

The witness also claims he burned Ms Spencer with a lighter and an aerosol bottle.

Prosecutor Alison Hunter, KC, asked if Pendlebury did anything to help Ms Spencer.

‘No I dropped her home - when she’s home she was in a safe place from my understanding,’ he replied.
Pendlebury said he did not think he needed to call an ambulance for ‘a whole adult who knows her body.’

He said he drove Ms Spencer to her home in the boot of his car and Studholme put her in the cupboard.
This is so sad, this woman went through so much. She was beautiful too, such a shame nobody thought to look out for her especially seeing the change in her. What goes on in people’s heads I’ll never know
The court heard how Ms Spencer was still standing in the kitchen despite her wounds.

In response to a question about her injuries, Richardson replied: "I didn't pay much attention." Prosecutor Ben Holt, said: "She was just standing in the kitchen?" Richardson responded: "Yes".

"What state was Shakira in the last time you saw her," Mr Holt asked, to which Richardson said the woman "had black eyes".

'When you asked Shakira something she could only say 'bub, bub, bub,'" Mr Holt added. "I offered to call the police," Richardson replied.

But Mr Holt said: 'You and your friends had battered the life out of Shakira by that point hadn't you?' "No we didn't," Richardson said.

"She was taken in the boot of a car, Mr Pendlebury says she was. Your evidence is that you thought Ashana was going to get you a kebab, but she does not come back until three hours later. What were you doing in those three hours?" Mr Holt added.

"McDonald's," replied Richardson.
More chilling details… Surely this trial must be coming to an end soon Woman starved and burned before being locked in a cupboard trial hears
Defence closing statements were today.
ashana studholme
lisa richardson
shaun pendlebury​
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Trial (Part Heard) - LISA RICHARDSON; Defence Closing Speech - 10:51
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Trial (Part Heard) - LISA RICHARDSON; Defence Closing Speech - 10:51
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