Using last names


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Jul 31, 2004
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The no last names rule applies to peripheral friends, relatives, neigbors of the victim(s) or suspect(s) that may or may not be directly involved in the case. Last names are prohibited to afford these people some privacy. When we start plastering their names all over the web, often with speculation and accusations, it can get sticky. We do our best to keep last names and personal information such as home location, workplace, etc.,off the forum if it is not case related.

If certain friends , family members,co workers, or neighbors are named in court documents for THIS case or in the main stream media, then you can use their last names. If public information is relevant please just link to it. No need to copy and paste information about every speeding ticket the neighbor 3 blocks over has had. :) However, you can copy and paste court information regarding an accused suspect.

Think before you post. When in doubt use first name and last initial.

Public figures including attorneys can be named freely.

No screeen shots of private information. Please DO NOT copy and paste information that cannot be linked such as info from a password protected or pay site.

Please do not ever link to minors, use their names, or post their pictures.

Of course the obvious exception is missing minors or named victims of crimes.

While we are on the topic of names, name calling is not tolerated, please and thank you.