GUILTY VA - Alan Sauve for soliciting underage sex online, Louisa, 2010

Discussion in 'Recently Sentenced and Beyond' started by Valleyboy, Jun 2, 2011.

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    If he would have went to court in Canada he would have got

    The maximum penalty for luring a child in Canada is five years in prison, with sentences typically ranging from 18 months to two years. Those convicted of having sex with a minor usually receive a four to five-year jail term. While people convicted of multiple counts in Canada are usually given concurrent sentences, in the U.S. the sentences can be consecutive.

    :great:Maybe we can send all our SOs to the USA for trial :floorlaugh:

    WINDSOR, Ont. — A Windsor school bus driver who crossed the border to have sex with a 14-year-old Virginia girl was slapped Wednesday with a 110-year prison sentence and has no chance of parole.

    Alan Sauve, 48, was convicted of 22 counts of soliciting a child under 15 over the Internet for sexual purposes in Louisa, Virginia, after a detective posing as the girl lured him to the U.S. last year. Sauve received the longest sentence to date in Virginia for that type of crime.

    "Wow," said Windsor police Deputy Chief Jerome Brannagan, whose officers collaborated with U.S. authorities on Sauve's arrest. "We're pleased that someone like that, tried in a democratic fashion . . . has been taken off the street."
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    Valleyboy--There are huge disparities between states too and even between state and federal sentences. So much depends on the judge and the leeway provided for sentencing.

    But, fabulous news, no more luring for Sauve. At least not of children, that is.
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    Whoa, I've never seen a sentence like that before. And Virginia doesn't have parole! Good, this guy was willing to travel hundreds of miles to prey on this girl...who knows what else he could have been capable of?

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