VA Unresponsive baby found at Salem apartment dies Aug 23 2018

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    Salem mom investigated for child neglect after infant found blue, unresponsive

    A Salem mother is being investigated for felony child neglect after emergency crews found a one-month-old infant unresponsive and turning blue...

    The police officer wrote in the search warrant summary that officers contacted child protective services and learned they had been involved with the mother and the same baby found unresponsive had tested positive for cocaine a month earlier.

    search warrant that same day to search the home and wrote in the search warrant they found drugs and drug paraphernalia....

    Salem Police investigating after baby found unresponsive dies
    The Salem Police Department along with Salem Fire and Rescue responded to the 1800 block of Salem Common Lane in reference to an unresponsive one-month-old baby on August 23....

    A Salem police spokesman confirms the baby died that same day.

    27-year-old mother explained to officers she put the infant on the bed briefly while she went to prepare a bottle in the kitchen, when she returned she said the baby was turning blue and unresponsive, according to court documents....

    they interviewed the mother and said she blew a .023 sample four hours after police initially arrived.
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    How does a woman retain custody of a baby that already tested positive for cocaine? We have to do better. We have too.
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