WA WA - Male, UP17865, Arlington, Snohomish County, 23 July 1980

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    On July 23, 1980, fishermen on the Stillaguamish River about 1/2 mile northwest of Interstate 5 in Arlington, WA, discovered the decedent in the Stillaguamish River, lodged on a log. The cause of death was determined to be natural, versus drowning. He had a small amount of gray hair and short stubble. He was wearing a woven cotton long sleeve undershirt and long underwear, red flannel shirt, black or gray suit-type jacket and black or gray trousers, gray or brown stockings, black “Winthrop” brand Oxford-type shoes with the inscription “arch support shoes” and metal/leather/paper arch supports added to the shoes, and a 40” leather belt with the initials “GRN” on the buckle.


    The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)
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