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    Tricia asked me to post this for her.

    Dear Websleuths Members,

    I would like to remind you of a few good rules to remember when you are dealing on the Internet.

    If someone you have dealt with on the forum contacts you and asks for money, a place to stay, a plane ticket or anything of that nature be vary wary. Even if this person is someone you feel comfortable with please stop and think before you do anything.

    If someone contacts you and says they are with a well respected organization please check first before you become involved. Ask them for the name of the head of the organization and the number.

    It's just good common sense not to let anyone in your home that you don't know extremely well and have met before in a public place.

    If you do decide to become involved with anyone you met on Websleuths please remember, Websleuths is not responsible. We can't help you if a member you have chosen to help turns out to be someone completely different.

    If anyone of our members contact you privately for money or such please let me know. I don't take kindly to people using Websleuths to solicit funds.

    Finally, please, for me....post like crazy, have fun, tell all your friends, and keep on making Websleuths rock like you do.

    Take care,

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