Was There a Dog?

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I still think we're barking up the wrong tree (sorry) with the dog thing, but do want to interject that the dog in the Simpson case was famously described by a passerby that infamous night, at the trial, as having made A PLAINTIVE WAIL, which is a phrase which will stick in the language for some time to come.

I referenced the Chesterton quote (above) because, at the time I found this thread, I was reading that very story, and thus couldn't resist. If you all like mystery detective things, he's a very good read---Chesterton was English, and a Roman Catholic, and his Father Brown series thus is a bit theological for some tastes, but he's a great writer and the rewards of reading him are many. (Or try his novel "The Man Who Was Thursday," which is in my all-time Top Five. Alarmingly good, that one.)
I just find it so freaking sad, disgusting, a lot of emotions come to mind that its been almost a year and it appears (to me anyway) that LE has no clue. I check in every now and then....was the dog moved to another home??? If so...that's telling, to me.
When I'm not being snooty and advertising myself by issuing forth with Chesterton quotes and pretending I'm above the fray, SailorMoon, I do occasionally take time to read things more closely than I did, perhaps, on first read, and I think your logic in that is impeccable: it could in fact be very telling, as a human decision and not as a matter of the dog "telling" us something him- or herself, but as a matter of the owners indirectly doing so. I see what you mean, and a very good point it is. Because I, too, "find it so freaking sad, disgusting, a lot of emotions come to mind" that this case is languishing and all but about to disappear. And a detail like that, about the dog, could be very close to home indeed. I apologize for not thinking beyond my first impulse.
I NEVER even thought of it that way. But you're right.
Being a dog person I totally understand what you are saying.

So maybe the little chihuahua KNEW the shooter(s) ! Which brings me to think.... Hmmmm ....

I am now wondering if that could be why it was removed from the house and "relocated" to the farmers place?? :eek: I really really hope not.

Animals are more intelligent than some people would think...
Yes, I believe the little Chihuahua saw who murdered the girls and remembered that traumatizing event that day.

The girls was 'supposely' less than 300 feet from the P. house when shot 13 times, and the little Chihuahua did not run to the P. yard or T.'s playhouse for safety, or to hide, instead running in the direction of the bridge..

I always felt that had some meaning behind it.

Now someone in the P. family gets rid of T.'s tiny dog...this comes across to me as being very cold and unattached...who's ideal was that?..Hmmmm!!

I have never heard of anything like this being done when a loved one dies...
I'm closing this thread, too much unverified and troubling "hearsay".

If you want to post 'RUMORS' do so in the Parking Lot where said thread is located.
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