Websleuths Administrator Beach is in Dire Straits

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    Hi Everyone,
    This is our beloved Admin Beach from Websleuths. She has been through hell since her work accident. Unless Beach can get the money for a very bare-bones apartment she will literally be in dire straits. Even 5 dollars would be greatly appreciated. If you have enjoyed Websleuths then you have seen Beach's work. Thank you


    From Beach's ********:
    "This is the most humbling thing I’ve ever had to do, but current circumstances have left me with no choice but to swallow my pride. As some know, I was injured 3 years ago after inhaling poisonous fumes which burned my lungs and vocal cords. Since that time, I managed to make ends meet on worker’s comp and a supplemental part-time job as a website administrator. The worker’s comp benefits expired in March. About that same time, I noticed my eyesight failing, particularly my left eye. With low funds, I procrastinated scheduling a doctor’s appointment. Recently, while driving, I noticed I could not even see other vehicles out of my left eye. I could no longer deny the magnitude of the problem. It was dangerous now"...MORE at link Click here to support Need help restoring my vision organized by Carol Fulford

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