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Aug 17, 2008
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How can you help? Many ways!

We recommend reading all of the main & sticky LTWH threads, but this one is especially good to become familiar with, as this thread contains excellent guidance: What if my child goes missing?? What to/not to do.

As for the Canada sub-forum, there will be main sticky threads and Provincial threads - each following the same structure per province as follows:

  • Advocates - this is for providing information & links to Advocates for Missing Persons
  • Unsolved/Cold Cases - this is for providing information & links relating to Unsolved/Cold Cases
  • Laws & Alerts In Place - this is where links for Amber Alert information, Abduction Laws, etc. will be
  • Missing Links - this is where provincial databases, missing persons organizations, search organizations, etc. will be posted
  • Unidentified Remains - links for researching genealogy, UID databases, etc.
  • Law Enforcement Agencies - links to law enforcement agencies, provincial courts
  • Media links - links for print, web, tv, radio media sites & stations
Each Province has it's own sub-forum (TY Chicoliving!!) and the above core threads are all prefixed by the abbreviation for the province, i.e. 'ON - Laws & Alerts In Place'. So, if you want to work on updating Ontario links, simply visit that sub-forum, or if you want to update all 'Alert' links, just do a quick thread search for anything with 'alert' in the tags.

You can begin adding links immediately to begin building this resource library to help the families & friends of missing persons.

One of our goals specific to the Canadian sub-forum, is that we'd like to compile all of this information into a handbook in PDF format that can be distributed to the families of missing persons at the click of a button. We'll get there!

Please ask any questions here, and offer suggestions.

Many, many thanks from everyone at WS. We really appreciate your help.
First of all, HUGE THANKS to Mods:

  • Christine2448 forgetting the Canadian LTWH forums added
  • Chicoliving for moving all the threads into the provincial sub-forums she so kindly added
  • Imamaze for the Volunteer Coordination, Stickies and the background help
You guys have set a great example and are wonderful!

Thanks also to you posters for reading this, and hopefully contributing. (no pressure) :D

We can use this thread for update news, and for adding/completing things on the 'To Do' list to turn this into a key Canadian resource for Missing Person information.
To download a Canadian and/or USA Amber Alert ticker to your website, blog, social networking site, or your desktop, visit:


Note: If you download both tickers, both ticker icons will look alike on your desktop, so I suggest you rename them "Canadian Amber Alert" and "USA Amber Alert" in order to distinguish between the two.
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