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    *Websleuths, LLC is a privately owned website, therefore your first amendment right to free speech does not mean you can say whatever you want while at Websleuths. You may not post links to harmful or blocked urls. Websleuths has the right to remove or edit any post that is deemed inappropriate, and may close a thread at the sole discretion of administration. All posts are the property of Websleuths

    *It is every member’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the Rules which govern Websleuths. The unabridged version of the Rules can be found here.

    *Don’t be a jerk. Interact with your fellow members in a respectful manner. Know when to “agree to disagree.” Don’t engage in name calling. No profanity permitted.

    *Bashing of Websleuths or its staff will not be tolerated UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

    *You may not have multiple accounts/usernames. You may not attempt to circumvent a ban from Websleuths by registering a new account. You may not use another’s account or otherwise impersonate another member

    *Websleuths is victim friendly. Victim bashing will not be tolerated. In most instances, this rule extends to family and friends of principals, i.e., victims and perps.

    *To preserve the integrity of the factual information contained herein, Websleuths does not participate in rumor mongering. When claiming something as a “fact,” you must prove it. Be able to provide links to information from approved third party sources; for instance, mainstream media (MSM), law enforcement (LE), and admin-verified case insiders.

    *Per the copyright rule no more than approximately 10% of the material quoted from an outside source may be posted. Always include a link to the source.

    *Persons presenting themselves as experts or professionals in their field, or as case insiders, must be verified as such by Websleuths.

    *Do not become personally involved in cases by reaching out to case players and then post about it on the forum. If members want to help, they should respond only to valid requests for volunteers.

    *Do report valid information or tips to the proper authorities. DO NOT, however, post your tips on Websleuths.

    *Do not link to an individual’s social media unless that individual is a case player (Victim or named Suspect/Person of Interest). You may link to the official social media pages of mainstream media and law enforcement agencies. Additional social media rules are can be found here.

    *Do use the alert feature (red triangle at bottom left of each post) if you think someone is posting outside the rules. Do not quote or respond to it. Moderators review all alerted posts.

    *Private messaging (PM) is just that - private. PMs are not to be referenced on the public threads.

    *You may post public information from the sex offender registry about offenders local to a case. In NO CASE may you use that information to harass an offender. Friends and family of RSO’s are strictly OFF LIMITS. Harassment brings serious consequences. DON'T DO IT.

    *Do not post your personal information such as your address, place of employment, telephone number, etc.
    Websleuths is not responsible for any actions or events arising out of your personal decision to contact or arrange to meet another member in person outside of the forum. Do so at your own risk.

    *Websleuths does not allow fundraising or solicitation of money of any kind unless first approved by management. This includes hinting that you need money.

    *The rules are guidelines, meant to provide continuity and order. Exceptions may occur at the sole discretion of administration on a case by case basis. Each case is unique and things are rarely black or white, administration determines the gray area on a case by case basis.

    *Feel free to contact Websleuths at websleuthscomments@gmail.com if you have any questions.
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