What are you sick of hearing since the verdict has been announced regarding Casey?

I really dont want to type it all over again or search for my many posts on this, but the experts on the chloroform did not contradict each other. This was explained in great detail by Jeff Ashton. I am so tired of seeing this repeated when its not true. Dr Vass saw shockingly high levels of chloroform based on what he is used to studying, which is only decomposing bodies. He sometimes sees small levels of chloroform that comes from decomp, but the levels in KC's trunk were shockingly high compared to those, so much so that it did not come just from the decomposing body. There was chloroform in the trunk.

The other expert was a chemist that, unlike Dr Vass, studied all kinds of different situations, not just decomposing bodies. He studied differrent environments, liquids, etc and had seen chloroform found before in those levels. Which is why to him it was not "shockingly" high, because he has tested all kinds of things and has seen chloroform before. However, he still explained it was in high enough levels to conclude that there was chloroform in that trunk. Especially considering that much time had passed, the trunk had been aired out, and most of the chloroform would have evaporated. The fact that there was any left to detect means that most likely there was a high level to begin with. He said that sometimes chloroform can come from cleaning products. But if that is what happened here, why would Baez not present the cleaning product Casey supposedly use, and show that chloroform is an ingredient in it? Or have someone testify that something in it made chloroform? You think in a life or death case he would have just held on to that info? On top of that, we have Casey searching How to Make Chloroform. We are supposed to believe that is a coincidence, even if it was only once?

I sincerely hope that people stop saying that the experts contradicted each other, I think that is disingenuous at that point after hearing the explanation.
Personally, I have pretty much washed my hands of this whole circus. As much as possible, I am not listening to or following any news on this case - I just saw this thread and thought I'd share this. Not one more minute of my time is going to be wasted on anything Casey Marie Anthony (CMA) or her family does or does not do, says or does not say. I have washed my hands of this case.

I will not watch anything regarding her release, listen to anything (unless by accident) as to where she goes or what she does when she is released.

Children and loved ones of people who REALLY CARE are still missing and need to be found. Every day more people turn up missing - spend your time focusing on these cases - the cases where the families really care about what happened to their missing loved one and actually want the help finding them AND QUIT WASTING TIME ON CASEY ANTHONY!!!! I HAVE!!!
I am sick of jurors saying they wish they had a lesser charge to stick her with since the evidence did not support murder. HELLOOOOO!!! That was the manslaughter charge you also gave her a free ride on!!!! By defense admission in opening statements-baby drowned on Mom's watch, Mom did NOT perform CPR, Mom did NOT dial 911--in the case of a child, elderly, or disabled person that non-action is equal to NEGLIGENT HOMOCIDE which falls under AGGRAVATED MANSLAUGHTER. If I hear one more juror repeat this "there was no lesser charge BS, I'm gonna go bald pullin' my hair out--I can't even listen to them anymore! Did nobody explain the job of a juror to these people? Did nobody go over the concept of the charges?? What went wrong in jury prep??

This post deserved more than a thanks!

As Caylee's mother she had a special duty under the law. The aggravated manslaughter was the lesser charge and I have not heard any of the jurors give a reasonable explanation for ignoring it. Did I miss something?

The only thing I can think of is that they thought GA was at fault for everything (except the 31 days which boggles my mind; how did they IGNORE that?)!!!!!
Thanks for the update - albeit very sad. However, there are still cases out there to involve yourself with ---
Mine is trivial: I am so sick of "hearing" about Casey on celebrity news sites and shows... SHE IS NOT A CELEBRITY! GAH!
I wouldn't have found her guilty of pre-meditated murder either. I don't think she intended to kill her child. I do think she chloroformed her to keep her quiet and out of the way while she had an evening with her boyfriend. I think she fully expected that little Caylee would just sleep while she had some fun. The law calls that aggravated child abuse. And since the child died during an act of aggravated child abuse it still qualified as felony murder. I also agree with you that the 31 days of lying was denial, although not for the same reasons as you. I think KC was in denial because she didn't want to own up to her actions. She knew there would be trouble and she wanted to put off that trouble as long as she could. Didn't she tell her mother that she only wanted one more day...?

I dunno, here's my problem with the "accident" theory. I cannot believe that someone caught off guard by the accidental death of their child and facing having to dump her decomposing body could just la tee dah the days away actually acting happy as a clam! Even a sociopath, which I totally believe Casey is, might show a small CLUE. I have to think she was pretty relieved with the result = her freedom and the big FU to her mother and everyone else who loved Caylee more than her. I think she felt empowered and free. That's my problem with believing the accident theory. Her behavior doesn't add up for me anyway, even if she is a pure sociopath.
I'm sick of Cheney Mason's pie hole being open. Of all the smarmy players in this mess he actually makes me feel physically sick to my stomach.
I'm sick of hearing about fingers being pointed at George Anthony. He was not on trial. He was a witness, like so many others, for the 400 pieces of evidence. He testified that he smelled decomposition in the car and that he didn't remember when the duct tape was added to the gas cans. He described them to police when he said that they were stolen, so presumably he mentioned whether there was duct tape or not. In court, he more or less said that the duct tape was not there when they were stolen.

I think it's quite possible that Cindy, George and Lee decided to represent themselves as a lying family in order to further Casey's defense - that she was raised in a lying, deceptive environment and therefore could not tell the truth about her daughter's drowning. Cindy lied about the chlorophyll search, George lied about the duct tape on the gas cans, and Lee did not know what to lie about, so he had a faulty memory.

If George is to be considered a murderer because he was combative with the defense lawyer about the gas cans, then Cindy should be considered a murderer because she perjured herself about the computer searches and Lee should be considered a murderer because he suddenly can't remember what he did yesterday.
I'm sick of Cheney Mason's pie hole being open. Of all the smarmy players in this mess he actually makes me feel physically sick to my stomach.

Any lawyer, like Mark Geragos and Cheney Mason, convinced of someone's guilt, that can say that someone's defense is going to be a circus and then a conviction, should not be allowed to then defend that person. Their only intent, clearly, is to be part of the circus.
im sick of them pointing finger at GA< im sick of the jury whining how they have to go into hiding/scared/sick to their stomachs...well duh! you didnt do your job, just wanted to get out rather than deliever justice. i would not want to walk in your shoes, but come on...and the smirks and smiling from ica, the ha ha i got away w/ it afterall, the " f- you"( in my opinion only) she seems to be saying to all of us...and how baez is heralded as from bozo to winner...PUH_LEEZE
thats my rant for today...oh yes, im sick of now cindy is not getting purjury charges either??? un freaking believable!
I'm sick of Juror #3. She said her piece, went to Disney World, now she can just GO AWAY, PLEASE.
Oh yeah, I forgot: I am sick to death of disingenuous, deceptive, and condescending con artists getting away with criminal activity. I guess you have to be a to get ahead in this earthly world.
I know at times it seems like the scum of the world are the ones that get the rewards but if you believe in God or some higher court then you have to know in your heart that a day of judgement will come in the highest court and the one that really counts. The jurors speaking out have not given me any peace or understanding as to any logic to their verdict and I don't want to hear from any of them again.
I don't believe that ICA will ever be free even with her inabililty to feel any remorse for her actions the human mind is a strange thing and what she did is stored there in her mind and will never be deleted as easily as deleting searches on a computor.
What impresses me is that even the real celebritys have involved themselves and spoken out with diapproval so I do believe we have an advantage to prevent the profit of certain people in this case.
I am SICK TO DEATH of hearing the THs say "the jurors saw something very different in that courtroom than us on the outside"
Excuse me? I live streamed that trial each and every day. I saw exactly what they saw, and more.
Actually, my 2 dogs and 2 cats watched as well and they could have come up with a verdict based on evidence better than this jury did.
I'm sick of people saying that we must "respect the jury's decision"..I do not.
I feel very uncomfortable with certain people insinuating that we have to believe in our system of justice, and that it should basically be beyond reproach. I am in no way trying to say we should have any kind of vigilante justice or anything, but I dont think it is wrong to question our justice system or a verdict. If you think of what our founding fathers envisioned for this country, do we really believe that they would want ANY branch of government or institution to be beyond reproach? Or examined by the public to make sure it is doing what its supposed to do? I think the people who are saying this should maybe adjust the message a bit to this: "Vigilante justice is not what our country is about, and although legally there is no way to try Casey again for Caylee's murder, it is ok to examine what happened and make sure that the justice and jury system is working the way the public wants it to. It's our system, and we should be allowed to consider improvements or adjustments if we feel it is no longer serving the public's safety or best interest."

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