When even the victims are a mystery (Long Beach, California)

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    Interesting article!

    Garnette told Carl the county now holds unclaimed and unidentified bodies for four years before placing them in a common grave. According to a county roster, Buddy's date of death was noted as Nov. 10, 1974, and he was buried the following July.

    Services are held once a year when the deceased are buried, with a chaplain and other county dignitaries present. Ashes are combined because space is an issue, Garnette said.

    "I can only remember one year that the number was under 1,500 remains," he said.

    Of the Long Beach Police Department's 921 unresolved homicide cases, 10 involve Jane and John Does like Buddy -- men and women who were killed and, for one reason or another, never identified.

    Some of the victims' identities are shrouded by a transient lifestyle, one that leaves little in the way of recent records or ties to society to help find a name. Other unidentified victims involve cases in which the bodies were so decomposed, or destroyed by the method of death, that little remains to identify the person.

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    Here are links to the original postings of the first and second parts.

    Funding running out for Long Beach Police Department's Cold Case Unit
    Tracy Manzer, Press-Telegram (Long Beach, California)
    May 26, 2012

    Cold cases: When even the victims are a mystery
    Tracy Manzer, Press-Telegram (Long Beach, California)
    June 2, 2012

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