Who's taking swear words out of "Murder, She Wrote" books?

Discussion in 'Bizarre and Off-Beat News' started by Casshew, Jul 22, 2004.

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    It's not me ~ I add swear words :crazy:


    Oh my heck! Someone is "cleansing" the "Murder, She Wrote" mystery book series in the Central Davis Branch of the Davis County Library in Layton.

    An unknown culprit has meticulously edited swear words out of some of the series' books.

    Swear words have been crossed out and replaced with milder words, like "darn," "gosh" or "heck," written in black, purple, green and even pink ink.
    In recent months, Charlene Heckert of Layton found five of the 10 "Murder She Wrote" books that she has read censored for content.

    "It bothers me 'cause I'm trying to read a book," Heckert said. "It's distracting."

    Pete Giacoma, director of the Davis County Library System, said this is a rare situation. Occasionally readers might write their opinions of a book in the margin but usually not this type of censorship.

    "The reality is, catching a person doing it is hard," he said. "Proving it is even harder."

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