Why would an Avery family member bring evidence back to Avery property?

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    This biggest problem all conspiracy theories about this case face are that none of them make any sense and apart from in wild movies nothing alleged has ever happened before. People say that what Avery allegedly did makes no sense and yet other people in Avery's position have done the same kinds of things that he supposedly did. Numerous people have burned victims on their own property to get rid of them and have even buried bodies on their property.

    The alternative explanations that people offer up make less sense than what Avery was convicted of doing. There are no known cases where someone burned a body away from their property and then took the long arduous task of excavating the remains and brought the remains back to their property. It would not make any sense to do such. The whole reason you burn the evidence somewhere else is so that it cannot be connected to you.

    The evening of the day that Halbach visited Steven Avery and Brendan were seen tending to a large bonfire and Halbach's remains were found in the ashes of Steven Avery's burn pit where that fire had taken place. Some of her remains were also found in Janda burn barrel 2. The remains represented portions of nearly every bone in the body. They even found the rivets from her jeans in the ashes.



    Steven Avery was seen having a fire in his burn barrel the afternoon Halbach visited and according to the trial testimony posted above, in that barrel police found the remnants of Halbach's burned phone, camera and photo cards.

    In addition

    Halbach's vehicle was found in the Salvage yard with Avery's DNA in it, and also on the Rav key that was found in his bedroom and on the bullet that was found in his garage:

    DNA specialist testifies in Steven Avery trial

    Here are the universe of possibilities:

    1) Steven Avery lied about her leaving and killed her and then burned her and her property.

    Steven Avery claims he saw Halbach leave. Either he lied about this and killed her before she could leave or

    2) she left and was killed and burned elsewhere and then all the evidence was transported to Avery property without anyone at Avery Salvage seeing this or detecting it.

    The latter would be completely unprecedented.

    There is no reason in the world that someone in Avery's family would decide to follow Halbach so they could run her off the road to rape and kill her. Steven is the one who told other family members he liked Halbach's body and arranged the appointment because he wanted to see her and who when he knew she was coming would wait in a towel to meet her according to what Higgs said that Halbach told her. See attached statement.

    But let's play devil's advocate and pretend that a member of the Avery family decided to rape and kill Halbach and decided not to approach her while she was there but instead to do it somewhere away from Avery property that way they could not be connected to her murder. On public land or some other property with no connection to them they then burned her body and property. No one would think of looking for her burned remains or property in such a location, if they did encounter the burn site they would be unlikely to suspect it was a site where a body was burned let alone excavate it and prove the remains were Halbach's and even if they did how could that be connected to any of Avery's family?

    There is not one rational reason for anyone in Avery's family to take the time and effort to excavate remains from such a location and transport them to Avery's burn pit and Janda Barrel 2. The above testimony notes how they found portions of nearly every bone in Halbach's body and even the tiny rivets from her jeans. It would take a long time to dig up enough ash to capture fragments from nearly every bone and even teeth and tiny fragments from her jeans. That would require transporting most of the ash- many bucket loads. It would hardly go unnoticed to transports dozens of buckets of ash to the pit and Janda barrel 2. Nor would there be any reason to segregate the burned electronics and plant those in Steven's burn barrel. Relocating the evidence to Janda barrel 2 especially would make no sense for someone other than Steven. Why would someone in the Janda household raise suspicion on themselves by doing that?

    The same goes for the Rav. There is not one rational reason why a relative of Steven would decide to move the Rav from a location totally unconnected to the Avery family to a location where if found would implicate the Avery family.

    The simply reality is that a relative of Avery who killed and burned Halbach and her property somewhere away from Avery Salvage would have no need to try to frame Steven to try to escape liability.

    The person would have practically a zero percent chance of being caught without trying to bring evidence back to Avery Salvage but would have a decent chance of being caught in the act of bringing evidence back to Avery Salvage. Moreover, there is no way to guarantee police would think Steven acted alone and it would open up their home and property to be searched as well. There is no gain but a lot of risk.

    Not one person who says they believe someone in Avery's family did it has ever dealt with this elephant in the room. Every single Avery supporter says they think it is too illogical for Avery to do what the evidence supports he did and yet they are willing to believe it more likely his family did it than him and brought all the evidence back to Avery property even though that is vastly more illogical. That is before even getting to the DNA planting feats that would have been required.

    It is akin to someone who believes the moon landing was faked and yet believes in alien flying saucer abductions.

    Just like Avery's family would have no reason to go through all the effort to relocate evidence on Avery property neither would a stranger. A stranger who burned Halbach would have no reason to go plant evidence let alone would know Steven Avery had fires the day she went missing and undertake the laborious task of transporting bucket loads of material thinking they can accomplish it without anyone in any of the houses seeing it take place. There are no documented instances of that ever occurring because it makes no sense to do such.

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