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WV WV - Cynthia Miller, 27, Beckley, 26 August 1981

Discussion in 'Cold Cases' started by OkieGranny, Jul 3, 2014.

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    Well...still nothing? The two POIs sound interesting. I often wonder what becomes of these cases that seem to never be solved. I mostly find you starting the threads, Okie.
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    These old cases are still being looked into -

    BECKLEY (WVVA) A new cold case committee is taking a closer look at several decades-old cold cases and, one in particular, is heating up quick.

    Recently, detectives from several different branches of law enforcement in Raleigh County brought together new and retired investigators to re-examine the Cynthia Miller case. The Park Junior High Teacher, 27, was killed on the eve of her wedding on August 27,1981.

    New information has led law enforcement to a break in the case, but they need help from the public to crack it.

    "It was kind of a terrible case in particular. She was about to open a new chapter in her life and it was taken right out from underneath her," said the lead detective on the case, Beckley Police Sgt. Morgan Bragg.

    Cynthia had just bought a home at 103 Miller Street in Beckley. She was set to be married to her fiance, Lester Police Officer Gary O'Neal, but the beautiful teacher, who had her whole life ahead of her, never lived to see the day.

    "She was actually found by her husband-to-be, shot multiple times, seemingly for no reason," added Sgt. Bragg

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