Found Deceased WY - Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito, 22, Grand Teton National Park, 25 Aug 2021 #25

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Mar 6, 2018
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Missing woman disappears after road trip with boyfriend as mom reveals message to authorities

Gabby Petito, 22, set out on a road trip with her boyfriend in a converted camper van in early July to tour National Parks, but she disappeared in late August and her family hasn't heard from her in more than two weeks. Now, her mother is pleading for help finding her daughter.

Nicole Schmidt, Petito's mother, said that the last verbal conversation she had with her daughter was on Aug. 25.

"I don't know if she left Grand Teton or not," Schmidt said. "I did receive a text from her on the 27th and the 30th, but I don't know if it was technically her or not, because it was just a text. I didn't verbally speak to her."


The couple stopped in Grand Teton National Park on Aug. 25, Petito's last known location, before a planned trip to Yellowstone. They were traveling in a 2012 Ford white van that was converted into a camper.


A spokesperson for the Jackson Police Department said that an "attempt to locate" call was recently filed for Petito. The Suffolk County Police Department is also investigating the case. Suffolk County PD declined to comment on Sunday.

Petito is 5’5" and has blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a triangle tattoo with flowers on her left arm and a "Let it be" tattoo on her right arm.

Anyone who has seen Gabby or has any information on the case should contact the Suffolk County Police Department at 1-800-220-8477.

WY - Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito, 22, Grand Teton National Park, 8/25/21 *MEDIA MAPS TIMELINE No discussion*

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Aug 14, 2016
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Wfla Live Stream

Where we are at this time:
Deer Cam individual has been identified and IS NOT BL

-Brian Laundrie is officially named a POI by Law Enforcement
-Awareness foundation is approved for discussion
-Authorities have the van

-FBI has searched the Laundrie home
-Authorities are searching for BL who is now considered a missing person: current known search is at Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park / Carlton Reserve
-BL’s parents shared with LE they have not seen BL since Tuesday

-Mustang has been towed
-Autopsy determines homicide
- See Bottom of Post for Approved Social Media and YouTube (Do not link to a non-approved without pre-approval)

Mod Note:
Please Read and Acknowledge

-Gabby’s case is not connected to the double homicide - DO NOT BRING IT BACK INTO THE Thread

-Do not start or encourage conspiracy theories
-Speculation or suggestions of a hoax or drug use is not permitted
-Include links to sources
-Do not link to unapproved social media
-post to engage in dialogue, not to bicker or argue with fellow posters
-No sleuthing BL’s parents
-WS is Law Enforcement friendly - it OK to have an opinion on the status of events but do not openly bash LE on WS
-Find Gabby FB page is not approved

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Compliments of @oviedo

MAR 17: IG Post- 1 yr anniversary
JUL 2: GP announced her engagement to BL


JUL 2: Van Life Road Trip Began for Gabby Petito and BL - GP is the owner of the van
JUL 5: The couple stopped at Kansas' Monument Rocks
JUL 8: Their next stop was Colorado Springs
JUL 10: Petito updated her Instagram with photos of her walking at Grand Sand Dunes National Park
JUL 16: Petito’s smiling in a photo from the couple’s next stop at Zion National Park
JUL 20: Petito informed her Instagram followers that they were at Cedar Breaks
JUL 21: The next stop was Bryce Canyon National Park
JUL 26: Petito posted a photo relaxing in hot tub at Mystic Hot Springs
JUL 30: The couple stopped at Canyonlands National Park Mesa Arch
AUG 10: JF met Gabby and BL near Moab, Utah where they chatted about 40 min. JF and his gf then set off on a hike to the Delicate Arch. When they got back to the parking lot, Gabby and Laundrie were gone.
AUG 12: The couple was at the organic store (Moonflower) from 9am to 3pm according to the police video - they were going to get water and showers - police report incident is at 4pm and the video is over an hour long of this incident. BL is taken to a hotel -Where does Gabby go for the night?

AUG 12: The couple took a hike at Arches National Park - Believe the hike was august 9 and posted on aug 12
AUG 12 Moab, UT PD police incident report - no criminal charges,respond to an incident involving BL and Gabrielle Petito
AUG 12 Arches National Park - reservation only campsite (per PE) - Is this where Gabby stayed in her van/tent?

AUG 13: BF posted an Instagram photo from their next destination in Moab
AUG 17: BL returns to Florida via airplane to move their things out of storage returns Aug 23 -Some reports say he moved stuff into storage and some say out of storage (source - handwritten note by Gabbys uncle)

AUG 19: YouTube travel video posted by Gabby
AUG 21: Gabbys dad orders Uber eats delivered to hotel
AUG 21: Gabby told her Dad on FaceTime that they had lost power during a stop in Salt Lake City.
AUG 23: BL returns from Florida trip via airplane (Where was the van parked?)
AUG 24
: The couple were seen checking out of a hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah
AUG 25: Petito’s family spoke to her for the last time over the phone and she said she was in Grand Teton National Park
Last phone call between Gabby & her mom, Nicole Schmidt. Last Instagram post from Monarch Wall in Ogden, Utah.
AUG 25 - Couple spots van at 5pm at Jenny Lake - alerts LE 9/17 they saw it

AUG 27
- Gabby's uncle posts there was a snapchat Gabby sent a friend -heading to Yellowstone (in Dailymail article)
AUG 27-a Van is seen in the side of the road and youtubers post it - MSM picks up the story - could be Gabbys
In the video the lady says it was recorded Aug 27, 2021 at between 6:00 to 6:30 PM
AUG 27 & 30
: text messages from Gabby’s phone sent to mom
After August 30th, Gabby’s parents weren’t able to get in contact with Gabby or her fiance. Her fiance’s mother also was not responding to any phone calls.
AUG 29- BL is picked up at 5:30pm while hiking alone in Grand Teton (tiktok reported in MSM)
B alleged that Laundrie had confessed to camping at an unregulated site in the National Park "in the middle of nowhere along Snake River." Note - this is not confirmed

AUG 29 Elk hunters spot van

AUG 30: Text from Gabby to Mom - No service in Yosemite
August 31: A new list titled “Self-Consumption” appeared on the couple’s Spotify
SEP 1: BL returns home to FL alone according to his parents, (retains an attorney we don’t know when) & is uncooperative with the investigation
Sept 2 -9: ?
SEP 10
:: Gabby’s mother texted BL and his mother, RL, trying to get in touch with Gabby, but neither replied. The family alerted the National Park Service.

Sept 10- Gabbys Dad contacts LE?

SEP 11: Gabby’s family report her missing 7 PM
Sep 11: Van seized at the home of BL parents in NorthPort FL - FBI

Sept12-15- working on which cars were in the driveway- camper, mustang, red vehicle

Sep 14: BL family lawyer issues statement
Note: a vehicle left driveway at 6:04pm

Sept 15: NorthPort police names BL as Person of Interest

Sept 15: Gabby's family issues another statement

Sep 15- Northport police chief asks BL lawyer to assist in finding Gabby
Sep 17 - FBI takes over search in WY (GTNP =Grand Teton National Park)

Sept 17- BL family asks police to come to their home
Sept 17- LE at BL home - he is declared missing by his parents as of Tuesday
Parents admit driving the mustang back after finding it at the preserve
Sept18- searches for Gabby and BL
Sept 19- searches for Gabby and BL planned

Sept 19 - FBI press conference - offers condolences to Gabby's family - body found believed to be Gabby
Found near where the van bloggers video showed the van parked on August 27 (6-6:3opm)
Sept 20- Search Warrant Served at home of BL parents by FBI
Sept 21 - autopsy of Gabby at 1pm
sept 21- search resumes for BL

WY - Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito, 22, Grand Teton National Park, 8/25/21 *MEDIA MAPS TIMELINE No discussion*

Elk hunters sighting
Search intensifies for Gabby Petito; police respond to Laundrie home in Florida
Reporter Brian Entin video he posted on Tuesday 9/14 at 6:04 pm and he said the parents had left an hour previously.

Then video of them returning in a red truck.

APPROVED Social Media
Dash Cam Video from Red White & Bethune
Enhanced Van Video

Miranda Baker - Alleged to pick BL up Hitchhiking
Van Witness Video #2
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Aug 14, 2016
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Gratitude to each of you, to the public, to people that went through videos from travel to help in the search for Gabby. The care and compassion of WS Members in seeking justice for victims is why I am here with you. You played a role in helping Gabby’s parents get this far. You sent prayers, you kept the story alive, and you did it with class. YOU HAD A POSITIVE IMPACT.

Now - let’s find BL…

Peace to Gabby’s Family and Peace to Each of You.



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Aug 14, 2016
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Mod Note:

We are starting to loose focus that this thread is about Gabby and the current search for Brian.

Mental Health: Only bring it into the discussion if it is a statement in media or LE reports. Do not expand beyond what has been provided to us regarding Gabby and/or Brian and mental Health.

Domestic Violence: Many posters here have stories. In our own personal ways, we all have stories. The challenge we have in these threads is the separation of our personal stories and the focus of the thread.

This thread is about Gabby's story.

As mods, we have hearts, we care about each of you, and it is hard to delete a post on thread that may include your personal story. However, we have to remind ourselves this is about Gabby's story. Please keep her the focus of the thread.


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Aug 14, 2016
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Gabby's father is a victim. He is NOT considered a POI. He is indeed a grieving parent at this time. Do not continue with any negative speculation in regards to her father.

If the thread is closed, and there is *ACTIVE BREAKING NEWS*, please alert on this post to get the attention of a Mod.



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Sep 5, 2003
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We don't know what type of forensic evidence they have but I do think it is a good case for a jury. You can explain means, motive, and opportunity.

Two young people with a documented history of DV travel to Bridger-Teton in a van. The van is spotted numerous times in Spread Creek between 8/26-8/30 - with not just eyewitness testimony, but video that can be authenticated. One person returns to Florida in the van, the other person is found dead in the spot they were last seen. Who done it?

I would not want to defend those facts to a jury even without knowing the forensic details. Unless you find something like significant DNA from a registered sex offender all over the crime scene, I think the question will be more was this premeditated murder one by BL or are there sufficient mitigating factors that would support a lower charge.

Agree with all of this. I also think time of death will be important.

Veronica Sawyer

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Jan 27, 2019
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I mean, it's not the law firm that's posting those photos. It's people hammering their site. Yelp and others will stop posting and review all reviews. Super common

Same with other review sites. These are just random people leaving reviews and photos.
Yeah, this is a very weird public statement to have made IMO all things considered… the Yelp page hasn’t even been officially claimed by the lawyer/firm/business so it’s essentially an unofficial page. anyone could’ve created it, and likely did just that to cause drama.

looking forward to his iMessage “response”
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Jan 11, 2016
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This has probably been discussed a million times already, but WHERE did his parents think Gabby was when BL came home?

Personally I believe they knew she was dead because he told them what happened, and they told him to get back home pronto. This is JMO by the way.

Why else would they not be concerned that he had returned home without her, got him lawyered up, and didn’t help her family when they were concerned. They still aren’t showing the typical human emotions of people concerned that their future daughter in law has been found dead.

I can understand they want to protect their son, but I don’t understand their lack of compassion or concern for Gabby.
Hi Blef!
Good to see you after such a long long time.
I agree.
I think lawyer was engaged before he ever arrived home. I have no evidence for this but it feels likely to me.


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Feb 17, 2019
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Yeah, it's just you.

Their soon-to-be daughter-in-law - who has lived in their small home with them for two years - never came back from her road trip. Her fiance and her car did return.

They didn't file a missing persons report stating that one of their household members was missing. They didn't notify her family that she hadn't returned even though her fiance and her van had come back. They didn't go searching for her.

NO. It is not just her.


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Sep 17, 2014
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Based on the way BL'S parents have reacted to everything, I don't think the FBI would continue their search in the reserve without more evidence that he is in there. Their word isn't enough.
I think with all the public spotlights on them, they have to do something. That they are so restricted by law that they couldn’t haul him into the station. ,couldn’t even eyeball his presence at house, couldn’t dons danged thing has to burn painfully.
Frankly, that Florida police force has looked impotent IMO. FL refused to issue missing persons report on GP. Cou
Hi Blef!
Good to see you after such a long long time.
I agree.
I think lawyer was engaged before he ever arrived home. I have no evidence for this but it feels likely to me.


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Jun 6, 2019
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Yeah, this is a very weird public statement to have made IMO all things considered… the Yelp page hasn’t even been officially claimed by the lawyer/firm/business so it’s essentially an unofficial page. anyone could’ve made it.
Yes, it's odd for sure.


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Sep 4, 2017
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Ugggghh... Why would the investigative team leave an elaborate cross made out of rocks at the site of GP's recovery? That seems so tacky and unprofessional. How long did GP's family have to wonder about BL burying her and making a memorial? Between this, and GP's family's attorney lashing out at BL's attorney about GP's photos on a Yelp page BL's attorney didn't even claim from Yelp as his business, which were uploaded by other Yelp users?

Stop screwing around, do this by the book, and let's get some justice for GP.


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Sep 16, 2021
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He could have used several credible defense tactics but IMO he panicked and everything he did after he murdered GP would serve as his undoing. JMO

I'll have to go back but I thought the manner of death was homicide not cause of death determination. Thanks

Not sure how BL's attorney could shut down the page or remove the pic's if indeed it is not his own.
yelp has shut it down for comments. . . due to increased public input.


Jul 28, 2008
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Thanks for finding this sds71. The scene speaks volumes especially now knowing who created it.

Is Gabby's step father currently in LE or retired? He was the family member who flew to Wyoming to search....right? I'm sure that connection would make the search even more impactful for the investigators.


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Jun 9, 2016
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I agree on the picture. I'm not sure on the exact location of the picture. Is that a place people would even be, let alone at 6:00 AM dressed like that person is?
The deer cam photo was discussed a ton in earlier threads, maybe yesterday.
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