Found Deceased WY - Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito, 22, Grand Teton National Park, 25 Aug 2021 #73

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There's a large black book in the bag, and a couple fallen leaves from a tree.
Interestingly, the top is not latched. It should be buckled. That looks like a radio antenna to me.
I feel like protesting now is not worth it and will not help to get justice for Gabby.
It all lies in the hand of the consious of Roberta and Christopher. The amount of involvement will weigh on their souls, even more now if they really found the remains of Brian.

That does not mean i condone what they did, ghosting gabby´s family. It is dispicable in my opinion. How much i wanted to see him pay in prison. Death is also a high price to pay. Jmo
In an early WS thread someone linked an article that said gators sometimes bury food underwater and come back to it later after it has decomposed somewhat. That might explain why the dog didn't detect the body (under water + underground) (?). Maybe the remains became exposed later after the search in that area when the gator returned to it or after the water receded.
From what I understand about those types of dogs (this isn’t specific to Diesel only the type of dog he is) is that in that scenario, if a gator took the remains in the water & buried them, the dog would still be able to get a scent. If I understand correctly & I could be mistaken, but I think that’s right. Someone can correct me if that’s not right. :)

some funny & astute comments in Brian's reply thread
THANK YOU!!!! What WAS the point of that!!! So glad the media clapped back!! This entire case has been but clout chasing and now the PD's are doing it!! They gave people NOTHING! That was all for ego stroking!
And because they chose not to speak publicly they were crucified by the public, including here. There's probably 40 threads beating up on them for not coming forward.

The only mistake I see them as making was not contacting Gabby's family at any point after September 1st when BL showed up with Gabby's van. That was a HUGE mistake and the Laundries have the rest of their lives to punish themselves for it. They owed nothing to the public, but the family they absolutely should have....

They might have cared about Gabby, but I don’t think they have one iota of guilt about not answering her family’s calls-IMO they knew she was dead, and had nothing helpful to say to them. And they probably couldn’t care less about the grief that Gabby’s family is enduring-the Laundries likely are only concerned about the Laundrie family
Is it possible that CL and RL found BL dead on the 13th when they searched for 4 hours for him and left him there hoping that the search team would find him, but when the search was called off without finding him they decided to go to the place they knew he was deceased?

Why not just go to LE and tell them? There would have been no crime in reporting him deceased. What would they have gained by leaving him in the reserve? I couldn’t even begin to imagine leaving my deceased son in a reserve with incredible fluctuating temperatures, water full of alligators, snakes, bugs and predatory animals. I just can’t even think about it.
According to Florida statute, failure to report a dead body is a 1st degree misdemeanor punishable by a 1,000 dollar fine. The charge and fine could go up depending on the circumstances.
LE doesn't want you to focus on the millions of dollars and weeks spent fruitless to be upstaged by the suspect's parents walking in and finding articles and remains in 45 minutes.
Especially so as the remains and belongings were found exactly where the Ls said was the most likely place to search!
It looks like LE didn't take them seriously.
Add in the 2 LEOs who joined the Ls yesterday morning but didn't follow the best practices or protocols on handing evidence!
At first glance I thought that bag had a hole, but now I think the black bits at the bottom are part of another latch system similar to what's at the top -- for keeping the bag rolled up or compressed or however one would describe the mechanics of how a dry bag works.


Found Deceased - WY - Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito, 22, Grand Teton National Park, 25 Aug 2021 #73

Adding this. If you let the first linked page fully load, the ‘cover’ of the video is a very clear pic of the hole in the bag. You can even zoom in and see the shredding and fibers. Moo

and this

Photo is of my own bag, which I believe to be the same model. Corner in question has no clip for pack strap attachment. Jmo

cannot seem to link photo see thread 72 post 710 for pic of corner in question
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