You Know You're Addicted to the Case When:

LOL! Quick Attack, I can relate!

1. You evacuate to a cabin in the country. Instead of enjoying the down time to commune with nature, you stay holed up inside with your laptop logged in to WS.

2. The cabin has eletricity but no television. You continue to search frantically for news links. Thank you, Patti G!!!!!

3. Upon learning that power has been restored, you head for home. The only concern you have during the six hour drive is making it home in time to see NG.

4. While hubby spends all day cleaning debris from the yard, you finally wander out in search of food and rejoice when you find the neighborhood grocery still closed. Woohoo! Another day of take out!

Gotta get in as much sleuthing as I can now, 'cause next week it's back to the grind. Or maybe another hurrication from Ike . :mad:
You consider letting your 16yr dd take your classic muscle car (74 AMC Javelin) to the grocery store with your debit card to go grocery shopping so you don't miss anything on the webcam!
DH put an extremely quick stop to that (but took my car anyway to go grocery shopping)

nope no OCD behavior going on here :)
Showers?!? You guys take showers? I haven't seen my razor in so long, you could braid the hair on my legs. OMG, what is wrong with me? Is this addiction? :eek:
You know when your addicted when telling others about the case you speak in acronyms ... CA, LE, JB, etc ... you're friends/family are addicted when you mention little dude and they know who you're referring to.
When you finally pull away from WS at 2:30 AM and head to bed only to realize you stripped the bed and you end up sleeping on a bare mattress! :(
You found time to strip your bed? We all thought you didn't even sleep!
I had a dream about Casey last night.. and last night was the 2nd time I have had trouble sleeping / lost sleep because of this case.
My daughter and grandson (14) came over during the week. I immediately showed them the webcam and explained its many virtues. They both looked at each other with a puzzled and then a worried expression on their faces. In other words, they saw it as a sign of mental deterioration.
Showers?!? You guys take showers? I haven't seen my razor in so long, you could braid the hair on my legs. OMG, what is wrong with me? Is this addiction? :eek:

LOL, too funny! Guilty!
Showers?!? You guys take showers? I haven't seen my razor in so long, you could braid the hair on my legs. OMG, what is wrong with me? Is this addiction? :eek:

The other day my husband came home and I said "GUESS WHAT I took a shower today!!!" Like it was some kind of really great accomplishment!
When your husband starts calling NG "the Caylee show." :crazy:
You try to make the case go forward by going grocery shopping because the last 2 times you went grocery shopping something major happened while you were gone.
You swear off the case because you need your real life back, and your DH yells that there's a Caylee update on Fox-----run to the TV and WS is back up on the laptop. What real life?!!
You have to take the dog to the groomer and set up the Flip Video to FOX 35 live while speeding to the groomer as the dog holds on for dear life.

Or setting up Flip Video to record on live stream waiting for Casey to come out so I could go to the potty!
1 You tell people you are working (uh oh don't we know someone else who did this?)
5 Your friends roll their eyes and sigh when you mention the case

My husband told me if he hears NG one more time he's leaving me... LOL
You get into a major fight with your sisters because they won't stop their lives to carpool down to Orlando and help in the search since your S/O won't allow you to go alone.
1) You lose power because of a hurricane, and immediately upon getting the generator fired up, you log onto websleuths to beg people to PM you to keep you updated.

2) Your kids say, "What's for dinner?" and you point toward the Honeycombs cereal box.

3) You grab a quick shower, but shaving your legs is too can do that later.

OK...list yours. :)

Thank you for starting this thread as it lightened the moment and made me laugh! :woohoo:
You sit down to watch NG with a notepad and make tick marks on the pad every time she says either "bombshell", "shocking" or "unleash the lawyers".

You actually spend time wondering why she says "unleash the lawyers" more than once per show. She never makes reference to leashing them, so once they've been unleashed, don't they remain that way?
Oh boy, we're a bunch of addicts, no? I wonder if Tricia is planning on creating a support group down the road.

1. You find yourself yelling "Dam* server again!" when every other window is running perfectly fine.

2. You wake up and immediately run to the computer to see what you've missed.

3. Your idea of dinner conversation is, "So does anyone know the half life of chloroform?"

4. You promise yourself that, during a tropical storm warning that's actually named after your own daughter, you WILL NOT under any circumstances come to WS today. No at all. Period. Then you do anyway, and say, "I'm such AN ANTHONY!" to explain your delusions and lies.

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