Zach Adams on trial for the kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo- Sept 11 & 12, 2017

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Harmony said:
I am not aware of a witness list... sorry niner... lady justice has the full court videos that you can view later if you miss anything.

Thanks Harmony! I know the link is "somewhere" here - could you post it? TIA! :wave: or I can wait for the new thread to open....

dog.gone.cute said:
snipped by me....
I'll send up a big red flag to you when the A's and the immunity bunch are called to testify.


dog.gone.cute said:
Give that person with a cough a shot of the good stuff... probably help them as well

That person (woman) must be close to one of the microphones, cause it sure sounds close to it!!

katydid said:
judge: must exclude the evidence because of unfair prejudice---
DARN!!! Jury won't heart any of that

unfair prejudice.... he's on trial for murder!!!! :gaah: To have to look at his character, etc., etc..... I'll never understand this "unfair prejudice" stuff!!

lonetraveler said:
No, but I'm still cleaning cabbage out of my keyboard. LOL

:laughcry: sorry.... but I almost did something similiar...

Plumeria5 - I too didn't realize that a few drops were a pool of blood!

Again - thanks for everyone that posted re trial! Very much appreciated. I noticed it ended about 1:30am my time - I was already fast asleep!

Oh - I noticed no one responded to this:
Fence sitter said:
Can someone explain or elaborate on the photo in the year book of the neighbour (was it)? What was that about

I too would like to know "what" that was about? Anyone??

I see the title of this thread is for Sept 11 & 12 - does that mean we get a "new" thread for today??

:wave: See you all in about 4 hours!
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