Zach Adams on trial for the kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo Sept 20 & 21, 2017

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Good grief, Autry doesn't NEED to say anything to make Adams look bad, he does that all on his own. [emoji849]
I found the State's closing to be clear and concise. His tone, and especially the pauses, helped me to hear every word he said. His message sunk in because of this.

I am finding it difficult to follow the Defense's closing because the speech is too loud and rapidly moving from one topic to another. Sounds too "reaching" and almost "desperate' to me.

Perhaps it is just me but I find I understand and retain more of the information when it is presented smoothly and not in rapid speech. Pauses are particularly effective when moving from point to point. The pauses and the low tone proved effective for me to remember what the State said in his closing.

I am finding it difficult to follow the Defense's closing.
This jury has got to be hungry by now. I assume they'll get to have lunch before the final closing by ADA Nichols.
He also asked the judge if he could approach when he wanted to go up to the exhibit or something that the def lawyer had.

He is a career criminal, he knows these terms.

yep he had control of the courtroom...something this defense attorney never had.
need to go to feed breakfast for my baby boy
Leah Beth Bolton‏ @LeahBethFOX13 1m1 minute ago

Defense:"WHY in the world you go back the very next day to the very same place w/ same person you shot and killed someone with?!"#HollyBobo

Hmmm many suspects have returned to the scene of where they killed someone. :confused:
They can say what they want about autry, but his story was corroborated by many.
I think he knew they would be filing charges against him. He couldn't take the pressure and waiting for the other shoe to drop so he took the cowardly way out instead of possibly going to death row.

From the way the state has said things in this case about SA I think they found a lot more evidence on him since his immunity agreement.

Even in this case, we know some of the evidence was found outside of his house and a short distance from his driveway. And, of course, they think she was raped in the barn/corn crib on his grandfather's property.
If this jury uses common sense and looks at the evidence, and applies the law and follows the instructions as given by the judge, I think they'll convict Adams.
Carley Gordon‏Verified account @WSMVCarley 1m1 minute ago

Defense: #HollyBobo was killed where her body was found

Leah Beth Bolton‏ @LeahBethFOX13 1m1 minute ago

Defense on Autry's story ab Clint Bobo wanting to learn to make meth: "he wouldn't have protected someone who took his sister" #HollyBobo

FoxNashville‏Verified account @FOXNashville 6m6 minutes ago

Defense says after TBI took lead agent off #HollyBobo case it put pressure on others to nail the crime on someone:
Chris Conte‏ @NC5_ChrisConte 4m4 minutes ago

Defense closing argument is approaching 110 minutes #hollybobo
Bridget Chapman‏Verified account @bchapman_WREG3 1m1 minute ago

Replying to @bchapman_WREG3
Now defense is focusing again on Victor Dinsmore & how he initially didn't say Adams' truck was hidden in his shed. #HollyBobo
FYI, closing arguments are not evidence.

True. But she is arguing the evidence in the case, which is EXACTLY what it's for. There is a lot of evidence to be argued, and it's crucial for the defense that the jury knows what holes exist, so they can know where to look and consider and compare during deliberations. She's gone through and put the pieces together that are hugely problematic, contradictory, weak, or purely unsupported, so she doesn't have to hope that the jury will simply stumble into them. She's doing a great job of showing how the whole case depends on JA's story and how/where "JA said so" might not be compelling after all.

I've been highly critical of the defense atty during this case and how she's handled testimony, but this is excellent lawyering.
Bridget Chapman‏Verified account @bchapman_WREG3 52s52 seconds ago

Replying to @bchapman_WREG3
She says Dinsmore assisted law enforcement in the case b/c he wanted the reward & he was mad at Zach Adams. #HollyBobo


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