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    FL - Michelle Parker, 33, Orlando, 17 Nov 2011 - #11

    Michelle (Shelly) Parker has been missing since November 17, 2011. She dropped off her twins with their father, who she is not married to and no one has seen her since.
    She last had contact with her brother on November 17, around 4:30pm. It was a text she was in Waterford. A search is underway. Her cellphone powered off at 8:08pm 11/17.

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    We all have our opinions and that is perfectly fine. <modsnip>. Maybe because of his checkered past many feel that this would be pay back somehow who knows. <modsnip>. I personally hope to God and pray that Dale is innocent and I do this for the children. <modsnip>, years from now when all the dust settles and we have forgotten about Michelle, her two children will be living with one of two truths. One may be that their Mother was killed by a stranger or the other that their Father killed their Mother. <modsnip>? Yeah we don't like Dale, but maybe Dale will turn out to be a good parent if he is innocent and at least the children will still have a parent.

    I know plenty of LE people and I can tell you that if they need a warrent to check a house they are going to get it one way or another. I personally am glad that they searched since you never know, but don't assume that just because they got a warrent that they have all kinds of great evidence. It could have been nothing more than an anonymous tip.

    Another thing to consider is this. If I was the one who took Michelle and a few days later saw that her ex BF was prime suspect I would be jumping for joy. If I had her phone I may just plant it somewhere. Heck I might even buy a disposable cell phone and make a call to LE and let them know where "Dale" hide the body and I'm sure I can say a few other incriminating comments to seal the deal. What if Michelle was or is still alive (not saying she is dead) when LE announced Dale as PS? Wouldn't this give some sicko out there free reign to do whatever he wanted to her and then kill her knowing her could just dispose of her near Dale's house or his parents. By now this guy would def know where they are all located!

    <modsnip> want to even step foot out the door knowing that you are one of America's most hated men!!!!! <modsnip>.
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    Catching the right person as opposed to just jailing the most likely candidate should be the focus of everyone.
    Does not play well with Others
    "Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn't have ****** with? That's me. - Gran Torino"

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    Bringing Kimster's post over about Tricia being on Fox LA tonight from the last thread:

    Originally Posted by Kimster View Post
    Don't miss this show! Seriously!!!


    Here's the live link:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironhorse View Post
    I too have some issues with DS Jr having actually anything to do with MP disappearance. The man has two children to distract as well as look after the whole time he supposedly committing a murderous act? Then he would have to dispose of the evidence in such a way it can't be found, while the whole time trying to get back before the police come knocking... Yet, his plan was to dispose of the phone and truck in such a way it draws a direct line from his home along a path that passes near property owned by his family... And he's counting on his family to lie for him?
    I have heard this two-kids-to-look-after argument a lot. I have personally run through several scenarios of what could have happened that day, from DS having a hand in her disappearance to random stranger abduction and more, but never has the children being there factored into my thinking. Or, for me, been a reason to rule-out any possible perp. I just figured that they were in their car seats. Maybe Michelle never even got a chance to take them out. They could have been strapped in for the whole incident, from fight to murder to disposal. If someone is willing and able to kill a woman, I don't think it would bother him that he may be traumatizing his young children. If DS did do something to Michelle, those poor kids probably saw and heard more than anyone ever should, but to me that may be the reason the DS is fighting so hard for custody. And why he needs "donations", so that he can avoid daycare, and stay home with them. You know, so there is no "daddy hit mommy" slip-ups to the daycare provider.

    I am not saying that I feel one way or another about what happened to Michelle. I have some very strong suspicions and can guess what probably happened, but if I were on a jury tomorrow, I would have reasonable doubt. But, I don't know all that LE knows. And I will bet that they know a LOT more than I do. I just think that the kids being there is not a persuasive argument for DS's innocence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gitana1 View Post
    That's right. I forgot about that.

    We do not know what LE has found that hints or does not hint that DS committed a crime. But, clearly, they named him their number one suspect. These days, that is very unusual because it causes a perp to lawyer up faster than they typically do. That indicates that they have a lot.

    We do know that Dale is a person with a violent past and criminal record. We know that Michelle tried to get a restraining order against him in the past. We know that she said she feared him at one point and that he assaulted her.

    We also know that her cell phone was found right smack between Dale's house and his dad's the place he said he ended up the day Michelle went missing.

    We also know that Dale won't take a polygraph. Further, that most people who go missing that did not run away, were killed by someone close to them.

    Finally, we have a young woman who was always very connected to her family, friends, clients and especially, children, who has been missing for weeks and who coincidentally went missing right after meeting up with that ex she has, the one with the violent past, about half an hour or so after an embarrassing People's Court episode aired for all the world to see.

    I agree. That is not a hint. Seems like a sledge hammer to me.

    Do they have probable cause for an arrest? I believe it is VERY likely that they do.

    But, as I have explained on the Kyron Horman thread, there is a difference between probable cause and being able to get a jury to find a person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Thus, LE usually waits until they have all their ducks in a row and a solid enough case to get the go ahead from the DA.

    But, all of this is quite far from no hint that a crime was committed.

    Your analogy about a person making a rape accusation is, respectfully (and IMO), faulty. Michelle is missing. And, see above. None of this is the same as someone crying rape with no proof.
    Respecttfully, I never indicated there was no proof of the rape. WhatI was trying to say is this....
    1. We know Michelle is missing, there are two choices here she is either a.)voluntarily missing(and no I don't think that is the case) or b.) is is involuntarily missing.
    2. (I firmly believe that LE has more evidence then what we know)If and when this case goes to trial (hoping it doesn't because I hope Michelle is alive) there is no crime until a court of law renders a decision that there has been a crime.

    My analogy is similiar because a person can say they were raped. There is semen found. But is that indicative that the rape happened? No it is only indicative that there was sexual intercourse.

    I am really not trying to confuse anyone. And my agreement with (the person I orginally quoted) was just that there is no crime until a court says there is. ( i don't necessarily agree but that is the way the law works)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironhorse View Post
    Catching the right person as opposed to just jailing the most likely candidate should be the focus of everyone.
    FWIW the most likely candidate is usually the right person.

    Funky twists and unlikely suspects framing innocent people make for good TV but unfortunately, if it looks like a duck ....... It usually quacks.


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    What a workout...I ran all the way over here with all of my school supplies.

    There are always going to be complaints about a rush to judgment by police. By the same token, there will also be complaints about LE inaction. Tonite on Dateline is the Susan Powell story. New interviews etc...I imagine the frustration is overwhelming in that case. Two plus years and nada...nothing. No arrests.

    All I care about is that Michelle is found and returned to her family. I hope and pray that if someone did harm her that that person will be justly tried and convicted. I have learned, sadly, that even a slam dunk is not always possible (Casey Anthony/ OJ Simpson/ Menendez Brothers...etc...) in a court of law. So I focus on this...whomever did this will be dealt with at the very least in death. And there won't be a defense attorney nor a bunch of easily swayed slightly out of it jurors to protect them from their just desserts.


    Please find Michelle!

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    Some points to consider...

    Some of the things that keep me baffled are:

    1. If Dale did do it, was this premeditated or an "in the moment"?
    2. How DID he pull this off with kids there? Sounds, weapon (hands?), getting body to vehicle. Did Dale make a call for help?
    3. Now he has a dilemma getting kids to his parent's and getting rid of evidence. Can he ride in Michelle's car to get to parents, i doubt it. Who takes care of car? The car is most troubling. Unless Dale drops kids off and immediately heads back home to dispose of car and body. Needs someone to cover for him. But didn't Michelle's mom call for him that night and he wasn't there? That could explain it.
    4. He has about 6-7 hours between sighting of michelle (3:18) and police at his condo (10:30ish). That gives him plenty of time, but he needs people to lie for him... How many are lying for him?

    I truly believe based on all facts there is reasonable doubt without knowing what police have and answers to these questions. All fingers and evidence appear to lead back to Dale's involvement but I can see why police will not make an arrest. No body and too many questions would not secure a conviction. IMO

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    I guess my question is....

    for those of you saying/implying/questioning that we should not be sleuthing/suspecting/investigating DSjr (trying to cover all variations of the discussion LOL) ... do you have a recommendation as to whom should be investigated?

    There have been no other likely suspects/ theories raised to be investigated. There has been no evidence to lead LE in any other direction - so until there IS, why shouldn't all energy/time/resources be dumped into pursuing the lead that they DO have before the trail gets colder and colder, and more and more evidence disappears? We saw with the CA case how quickly evidence can decay and a (suspected) murderer can walk free. If there were other likely suspects not being looked into, I would agree that they shouldn't be focusing all their attention on this suspect- but there are no other leads. Until there are, I don't understand criticizing them for taking seriously the one lead they DO have. KWIM?

    While I see the point of "they don't have a lot of evidence" argument ... does that mean that in all investigations, unless there's a confession, or they're caught on video, or literally found with blood on their hands - LE should just wait to investigate? Pursuing leads, is how crimes get solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironhorse View Post
    Catching the right person as opposed to just jailing the most likely candidate should be the focus of everyone.
    I don't think they are jumping to jail the most likely candidate. If that was the case, then they would have jumped the gun & already arrested the most likely candidate. I believe they are trying to get this one right and make sure to dot their I's and cross their T's before they make an arrest.

    I believe that DS was named the ONLY prime suspect for more reasons than any of us know.

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    My hinky meter is going off big time.

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    Do you think they will search through the weekend?

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    I know that a sentence/conviction cannot be carried out until a jury (or judge, in trials with no jury) declares a defendant "guilty", I understand that's the way the law works, and it should be that way. BUT I do not agree with the sentiment that "no crime has been committed until the moment a jury says so". That doesn't make a bit of sense to me. A crime is committed when it is committed. Not when they are declared guilty or not guilty. Plenty of people have committed crimes and subsequently have been found not guilty based on lack of a strong case i.e. evidence. That means they won't serve any time or have that on their criminal record. But it doesn't mean they didn't ACTUALLY do the thing they are accused of doing. I think it's semantics here, but we are talking about court rulings vs. actual reality.

    Okay, rant over--back on topic:

    I think they are waiting for the discovery of a body to formerly charge anyone, as the clock starts ticking for a speedy trial as a constitutional right the moment an arrest is made and a person is charged. Do I have that right? I can understand why many think just because an arrest hasn't been made yet that LE have nothing. Everyone who thinks that is certainly entitled to that opinion, however unlikely. I am hoping she is found very soon.

    Are the twins not even getting to see their half-brother? Anyone hear any more info on a visitation with their family?
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    I will say for the record that I think that LE has zero obligation to let us know anything about this case. The only problem I have is that they fell like they are obligated to name a suspect and then not follow thru with an arrest. The longer it goes on with out one the more it will seem that they have made a mistake and jumped to conclusions.

    What are people's opinions about how long LE should wait until they arrest Dale?

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