Aug 6, 2013
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    What is a GigTu? Good question. And the answer is, it's a union of a gigabyte and the Turing machine. Of course. Now, how do you take those two geeky words and turn them into something funny? Well, my email says it all. After you get to know me, you'll understand just how fitting all of that is.

    I'm a fan of mapping, Venn circles, databases, graphic design, logo creation, transcription, and avacados. I'm known to haunt the forums during peak insomnia hours, which often lands me in time-out-land and a week of regret.

    I'm a 10-words-or-less kind of girl. I'm pretty straightforward and to the point. Okay, okay.... let's just all be grown ups here and say it... I'm untraditionally passionate, blunt and impatient. Unfortunately, that often comes across badly in text. But I assure you, my intent is never meant negatively. I might sound like a curmudgeon, but I'm actually very happy and hopefully helpful, appreciative, and humble.

    If my style is too aggressive for you, please PM me and remind me to insert gentler text. Sometimes I forget how I harsh sound, and need prompting and probably discipline. I'm still growing as a person, and want to be my best me. Thanks for your patience with my process.

    This sounds like a dating ad, which amuses me immensely. I think I'll let it stand. See you on the inside!

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