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    Where are you, where you at, call me

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    I'm new to this case thanks to Payne's podcast. One advantage of coming in to cases after a longer period of time is kind of the "fresh eyes perspective"... I started back at the beginning of many threads that were started the week Tara went missing in 2005. Several questions & observations have come to mind. One of which is in regards to her clothing from the night of the cookout. Multiple sources seem to state that it was on the floor & her expensive shoes were there as well which would be unusual because she would have taken care of them. The necklace was also found on the floor. It was also stated that the bed looked like the comforter had just been pulled up quickly. (Not nicely made etc)
    One thought that came to my mind (as a single woman in my early 30s) is that this could easily be the scene after a "romantic encounter" - Guest arrives (possibly meeting her after the party or perhaps she picked him up & took him back to her house which would explain no additional cars & her seat being adjusted later) in the heat of the romantic moment the clothes and necklace are discarded hastily on the floor...
    If true so many questions emerge. Not only WHO but then did the crime happen there or was she then lured away?
    This theory could also factor in to play the lamp being askew & the clock getting knocked under the bed during the romance.
    Like I said, just a thought that came to mind while going back to initial evidence. Not sure if anyone has suggested the same theory in the past decade or not. It didn't sound like from early evidence the bedding was taken for evidence or potential DNA. Was her clothing? If MH or DH has DNA on either well that would be a bombshell!

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    My thoughts exactly daystar. And why weren't sheets on bed taken for analysis of dna...months later bed sheets still on bed when Godwin went there. And why didn't the GBI find fingernail and necklace pieces...which could have been from happenings earliertthat day with pageant girls preparations but still looks like alot of shoddy crime scene processing IMO. But I'm no expert...

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