2015.10.15 CWW Booked into Lee County Jail

Discussion in 'Dr. Teresa Sievers' started by KateB, Oct 15, 2015.

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    Just like summer camp, huh Mark? 'Cept it isn't summer camp. It is prison... the place where you will spend every day until you take your last breath in this life.
    Wonder if you think that 4.3 (minus "expenses" of course) was worth it? Thing is, if someone gave you 4 million or even if you won the jackpot, you are such a loser that it would be gone in a matter of years. (Yes, I know this is the CWW thread but I can't help it).

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    If you look at the that is all the time she was held for approx 4 hrs till KM picked her up at JCSD in Hillsboro. As KM was waiting outside for her after he was arrested on the highway as they impounded the car.
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    Here is info from last November that I've not encountered before:

    "While Wright has not had any visitors since being extradited back to Lee County, NBC2 confirmed with deputies, Wright has added the names of five family members to his list of approved visitors. Being on this list means they can visit him at any time while he's in the Lee County jail.

    Two of the people on that list include his father, Curtis Wright Sr., and his wife, Angela Wright -- the first two people he called after his arrest in August.

    Following his arrest in late August, the phone logs show Wright's first two calls were to family: One to his father and the next to his new wife Angela about six minutes later.

    But those were just the start -- over the next few months, Wright placed almost 300 calls -- totaling more than 18-hours on the phone, and racking up a bill of more than $400.

    NBC2 called each and every number and discovered many were calls placed by Wright on the behalf of other inmates who had run out of minutes."


    Why, what a fine fellow CWW is to use his (blood?) money to make numerous calls for his fellow inmates in Missouri!

    This case continues to astound me! This is a man whose in-laws said they are buying groceries for CWW and AW to put food on their table! And he's in jail running up a $400 phone bill? Go figure.

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