Found Deceased CA - Adea Shabani, 25, Hollywood, 23 Feb 2018

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Adea Shabani, 25, has not been heard from since last Friday, which her family and friends say is very unusual for her. Friends say she left the front door of her apartment unlocked, as if she were expecting to return soon.

The acting student left her native Macedonia to study acting and has only been in Los Angeles for two years. The last text Shabani sent was about red candles but offered no clues as to her whereabouts.

She was last seen at the 1700 block of Wilcox Avenue in Hollywood at around 11am on February 23, not far from where she lives.

Shabani's mother has hired a private investigator to help with the search and flew in from Macedonia in a bid to find her daughter.

The missing woman is described as white with blonde hair and blue eyes. She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 130 pounds.


Sharing for @LAPDHQ. Missing Person Adea Shabani. F/W 25 yrs old, 5’5”, 130 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes. Believed to have been in Santa Clarita Feb. 23. Have info call LAPD M/P Unit 212-996-1800; afterhours 1-877-LAPD-24-7 or LACrimestoppers 1-800-222-8477. Refer #18-0607081

— SCV Sheriff (@SCVSHERIFF) March 1, 2018
Thank you, Jersey Girl. I've done that more than once. I need to slow down.
A budding Hollywood actress has been missing for a week after she was last seen near her apartment — and now police are calling her disappearance suspicious, according to reports.

Friends said she hasn’t been on any social media since her disappearance. “We tried calling her, messaging her, emailing her, Facebooking her, Instagramming her — every way, nothing,” friend Antonio Escobar said.

Shabani’s mom flew to California to help with the search and hired a private investigator.
She's stunning


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Adea Shabani left Macedonia to study acting. The 25-year-old, who once posed in a photo with rapper Kanye West, had been in Los Angeles for less than two years. Friends are now desperate for answers after she disappeared on Friday.

"She was not replying to text messages. She was missing, so I got worried," said friend Antonio Escobar.

Her childhood friend Emma Joe is certain something is not right.

"There's got to be something that is behind this. We were trying to find her. There is nothing. We were posting flyers," Joe said.
Adea Shabani was last seen by friends enrolled at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Los Angeles just before noon on Feb. 23.

The last time Shabani was seen was near her residence on the 1700 block of Wilcox Street about 11 a.m. Feb. 23.

An Academy spokesperson said that when she and others from the Stella Adler Academy went to file a missing persons report, other friends had already filed a report.

A Twitter post shared by the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station Thursday reported: “Missing person Adea Shabani. F/W 25 yrs old, 130 lbs, blond hair, blue eyes. Believed to have been in Santa Clarita Feb. 23.”

I hope LE is investigating any boyfriends new or old, men she's dating, or jealous old BF's You never know in LA could even be a jealous women.

I hope she's ok and this has a good outcome like Joshua Thiede.
:praying: I agree whiteorchids
Oh wow, we need our Maricela group over here. SC is not far from those reported abductions last year and is where Mari was found.

Who has the map that was made of the SoCal missings? She fits the demographics physically although seems to be too high profile. Haven't seen about an ex or other likely POI yet.

Unfortunately, I'm in the hospital but following very closely and hoping for a good outcome.

Thank you Gig, Lisa and all the other wonderful sleuthers on her case!
Take care, Mistivon. Your insight and experience will be very helpful here.
Take care, Mistivon. Your insight and experience will be very helpful here.

Ah I want to be the boots on the ground help. Hopefully she's found long before I'm released.

VERY glad to see u posting here (and OT I saw SirenRiot on a thread today somewhere...she would be helpful, too)
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