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Hi, Coley, I haven't read or posted on this thread since around May 3rd or
4th, but as I was catching up, it occurred to me that perhaps, SB went to that Sylmar area to score some dope, leaving Emma in the car for what she meant to make a "quick stop." Hours later, she leaves and finds Emma dead in the car. PURE speculation on my part--I have no idea what the weather was that day or how far away she was from the Park n Ride, but if she did stop to score, used a little while she was there, it would be very easy for her to have forgotten about Emma. Dumped her right where she shopped- or close to it. Tweaking on meth, forgetting about the baby. Seems easy to do. Now, maybe LE is getting info from her on her connections, thus the tight lips.

BTW, congrats on stayin clean 7 years. People like you help me to keep faith in God and humanity.

Thanks so much. Happy late mother's day to all of the mother's on here. My son and I are about to travel back to Atlanta from my mothers house so I hope I don't miss anything. If anything does happen that's websleuth "OMG" material (lol) please use the email function on my profile and I'll check it on the drive back. THANKS SO MUCH!
The baggie theory makes no sense to me. The cause of death came back undetermined pending toxicology. Choking on a baggy would not be undetermined considering how quickly they recovered the body. If she "accidently" suffocated her that would have been visible by the coroner in the eyes.

Does anyone know what the temperature was that day? If she was somewhere she shouldn't have been and left her in the car, leading to her death that could explain the choice of charges.

S could have removed the baggie before dumping her. IMO...anything right now is possible until it all comes out so at this point anything and everything could be the reason.
Does anyone have any news on the arraingment today? I can't find's so bizarre and frustrating. If you think about all the past murdering moms their picture and cases were all over the media, so why not this one? She murdered her precious baby girl...something just seems so off with this entire case...
Does anyone have any news on the arraingment today? I can't find's so bizarre and frustrating. If you think about all the past murdering moms their picture and cases were all over the media, so why not this one? She murdered her precious baby girl...something just seems so off with this entire case...

Yes, isn't it odd, once again how quiet the media has become over this case. Even Nancy Grace, who admittedly has been busy; hasn't said much over the last few days (prior to the weekend).
Interesting article

To me, the bolded above, indicates something other than choking on a bag or being left in a hot car. What do you guys think???

I think you're right. LE knew from the day of the autopsy that Stacey murdered Emma by smothering her. In fairness to them, they may have been looking for a drug connection due to the area Emma was found, but the Murder 2 to me says this was in no way an accident or caused by Emma ingesting a baggie.

They had a "pretty" young mom with a beautiful deceased baby, a hinkie story, devastated family and across the US there is another mom with a similar story. They may have been ruling out anyone else being involved, but they didn't have far to look to tie this case up.

Thankfully Stacey caved and gave up Emma's location quickly, I can hear "a" Yuri and JA saying the things to SB that they said to KC and her losing it.

It was warm enough that day, if Emma was left in the car her COD would have been obvious from the heat, if she accidentally ingested a baggie there probably would have been an attempt to resuscitate, that also would have been obvious. The thing that was obvious here was SB likes a boy who doesn't want kids and she never called 911 (her bro did). I think Emma died at her moms hands, the story is tragic and heartbreaking and SB is going away for a long time.
I'm guessing she must have an attorney then :) Myspaces for criminals seem to disappear when they get an attorney!

yep, the DA is going to have a field day with her little Ode to GOD's decorating habits!
Thank goodness our friend Toria, came through for us!!!

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at 10:54 on May 11th, 2009

Hi Cat and Syn,

SB was in court today and she was in her puke yellow jail suit, the front of her hair in corn rows, the back was in a ponytail bun kinda thing and she was emotionless again! no tears. no sniffles nothing.

Through her attorney she plead (sp?) 'NOT GUILTY" AND "NOT GUILTY TO ALLEGATIONS OF SPECIAL CURMSTANCES". She was behind the glass partition again in the holding room and only spoke when the Judge asked her one question, if understood she would be back on the 15th. she said Yes and that was it
Her prelim is on June 15th. at 8:00 am. AV court.
Her family, some friends, not Amber B though and the new man in her life were there in the front row..

Some young guy walked in and kinda nodded to the family but sat apart from then, I wonder if that could have been "Anthony"..

NO MEDIA AT ALL.... what is up with that? I at least thought I would see our local paper there.....nope!

special circumstances n. in criminal cases, particularly homicides, actions of the accused or the situation under which the crime was committed for which state statutes allow or require imposition of a more severe punishment. "Special circumstances" in murder cases may well result in the imposition of the death penalty (in states with capital punishment) for murder or life sentence without possibility of parole. Such circumstances may include: rape, kidnapping or maiming prior to the killing, multiple deaths, killing a police officer or prison guard, or actions showing wanton disregard for life such as throwing a bomb into a restaurant. (See: capital punishment)

Very interesting!!
Thanks for getting this to us Lovejac, and thanks Toria! No media??? :confused:

Wow...wonder if they will be there for the prliminary hearing on the 15th?

I'm waiting for you to work your magic like last time!:clap: You were the only one able to find the clip of her first court appearance!

Just found it, I haven't even played it myself yet! LOL didn't even show her.....dang, I wanted to see the cornrow thing... *rolling eyes* lol

Sorry not new video, the story is new, but they just slapped up a replay of an older video to go with it... :(

Grrrrrrr, for heaven sakes, is it so busy that not ONE reporter from ONE news station can be bothered to take 30 minutes out of their day?:mad:
Lovejac, please tell toria we are grateful that she was there. :)
Her MySpace is gone...

It's been gone since Saturday- Sorry didnt post- was checking out some while bored at a friends house :) :confused:

I think there is a post from Thurs from lovejac about it being gone- someone got ss's of the pics somewhere a few pages back
Hey Lovejac, do you know who the "Anthony" is that Toria refers to? I thought the "new man in her life" had a different first name?

Anthony is Emma's real dad, IIRC. Lovejac may know his last name, but I dont. :crazy:
OMG- yay! I hope little Emma's Dad was there for her!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe (er...actually I can believe) that there was no media there....what is going on? I thought once Nancy Grace featured little Emma the media would pick-up on this case...there has to be a reason.
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