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Jan 22, 2016
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I thought it would be useful to have a general discussion thread for the DNA Doe Project where we can discuss their work and techniques in general terms, which cases we'd like to see them tackle, which cases (if any) we think should maybe have priority over others, talk about the cases they choose to take on and so on.

This is a rather out of the way part of the board but I couldn't see anywhere with higher traffic where this discussion would fit comfortably. Is there anywhere you think it would fit better? If so, I will ask the Mods to move it where it could be seen by more people.

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Still waiting on the spreadsheet update (it was supposed to be updated on November 1). I hope Joan is just busy.
Interestingly, three DDP's genetic genealogists founded a new genetic genealogy company Coast to Coast Genetic Genealogy. Today Cairenn Binder posted that they are waiting for identification announcements and have new cases as well. Exciting news.

I am hoping that there will be a lot of new announcements soon, usually, there are quite a few at the end of the year.
Per the newest DDP’s facebook post, they have identified 25 cases this year, I lost count how many of these cases were officially announced because some of the this year announcements are from the previous years identified cases.
The pinned post was updated, 3 new cases are pending, one of them is New Buffalo JD which was before a DDP fund case, now fully funded and moved to pending. Also one new case from Canada - Montreal River John Doe 2017 (Ontario) and one case from DC - Naylor Road 2020 (DC) namus 78616
The new featured case is West Manchester John Doe, I hope people will submit! Feel sad not so many people are commenting, I hope more people will submit
Interestingly there are 7 cases with matches over 400 cM:

Tukwila County Doe 489.4 cM

Wohler Bridge John Doe 478 cM

La Verenge County Jane Doe 438 cM

Lake Michigan Jane Doe 422.7 cM

Dane County Doe 421.5 cM

Wayne county Jane Doe 416.5 cM

Chattanooga County John Doe 404.6 cM

Wondering if there would be updates on these cases, if they have not bern solved, the DDP must be very close to identification at least in a few of these cases

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