FL - Shannon Dedrick, 7 mo., Chipley, 31 Oct 2009 #3

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OT/ but the daughter of that victim has me balling.
My understanding is that we can post myspace/facebook links for POI and Suspects PROVIDING they have been named in the mainstream media.

I just reviewed the TOS, both long and short and I did not see anything addressing this issue. The key is that the person has to be in the media - NO innocents, no family members, NO minors ever.

I'll send this to a mod and have it verified.


Pressing the thanks button wasn't enough!! TY, Salem!!!:)
Ha, did someone tell Tex on chat that the van is being searched?
Please do, so she can relax :)
Hello all.

I have been trying to catch up today but I am finding it almost impossible.

I have a question. Have any of the WS'ers contacted the press in SC to be sure they are running this story with the correlation of Shannon and Paul to keep Shannon's name and face out there everywhere that is possible?

People are saying you guys have people here who are great with the press.

If it has not already been done is there someone here who could help?


It ran today in my local newspaper in Upstate, SC. www.indexjournal.com
The count is up to 11 because of the skull in the pail. The 10 bodies all had heads attached.

Sorry to get OT - but ya think the body has to close by huh? I pray this is the last of the bodies...I reallly really do.

Sorry, news report I saw said Christina.
Will check on that.

She has a myspace page ....last login was today. She is holding a baby who looks like the missing child...and her mood says "stoked."
There appears to be a visible shift in the investigation into the disappearance of 7-month-old Shannon Dedrick.
NewsChannel 7 has learned her babysitter, Susan Baker, may be a suspect in the case.
The babysitter allegedly wrote a letter to Governor Charlie Crist back in August, warning him Shannon could be in danger.
But Baker was also involved in the 1987 disappearance of a Beaufort, South Carolina boy.

Susan Baker came to the public's attention Wednesday morning after a newspaper published an e-mail she sent to Governor Charlie Crist.
The August e-mail warned Crist that the baby was in danger, and her parents, Christina Mercer and Rusty Dedrick, were the source of the trouble.
Baker told the paper about a number of issues, including the parent's alleged use of marijuana.
But now it appears Baker may, herself, be a suspect in Shannon Dedrick's disappearance.

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