FOUND DECEASED - WA - Lindsey Baum, 10, McCleary, 26 June 2009 #2

As mentioned by AspenChic, there is that camp (Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center) up there on Manastash RD. Last time I was looking at detailed maps I saw that Rider's Camp was RIGHT near there. That is supposedly near where the remain was found... and THAT my friends does not require some kind of hunter ability. People are going up there for Youth Camps, Religious stuff, Summer Camps, Weddings.... How hard is it to get there? How hard would it be to know that road and drive it......? How hard would it be for somebody who took their kids there to know where it is? I'm sorta jazzed about exploring that possibility.

I mean, he can be a hunter because of the elks in Manastash. But apparently, there are several campsites in that area, as you have just kindly noticed, so he can be merely an avid camper (could be said about many Washingtonians), or even a hiker.

Also, Ellensburg is the geographical center of Central Washington, but Cle Elum is close (a rather well-off area); Wenatchee is not far, either. All these areas are similar and different. Ellensburg, a students' town. Cle Elum, a far bedroom community for Seattle and a settlement of well-off retirees, Wenatchee, a rapidly growing area, an odd mixture of farming and IT.

There are farms everywhere in Eastern WA, and you know, farmland in the mountains. I suppose everyone has a four-wheeler, and anyone can get to the campsites. In winter, when the snow falls and the roads are icy, one can not survive without a sturdy car.

What can connect McCleary and the area I have just described? Lumber. Both areas are in/close to the forests. McCleary is next/in Olympic National forest. The huge body of Okanogan-Wenachee National forest extends north from the area of Ellensburg. Cle Elum had a huge lumber company. McCleary, too, was a logging city. Now it experiences expansion because of jobs in nearby counties.

If I were to guess, I'd say the criminal likes foresty areas. Maybe he is even involved in this business (something with wildlife, forestry, parks and recreation, water treatment, firefighter - especially if he later moved to Eastern WA, he might study forest bugs). If, as you say, he is interested in camping, I'd add that he may also like trails. Very likely, he might work at summer camps for kids, and also, one reason why people from a Western WA forest might drive to Eastern WA: canoeing.

P.S. of course he can be a Central Washington resident, who traveled to McCleary to abduct or even kill a child. Logically, however, he can totally pass unnoticed in Central Washington, even with it being a farmland, because of abundant local tourism. The residents of Central Washington are typical farmers, in most ways, but on weekends, they get a lot of traffic from Western WA, because of their wineries, and many other things. So a non-local can blend in. Not so in McCleary, I presume. Eastern WA is predominantly Caucasian, McCleary is almost all Caucasian. So, I think that the person is linked to McCleary, at the very least, having a relative there, and most likely, is/was a local. As to Central WA, not so sure?; he could have moved recently, but if not a local, could pass unnoticed.
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Yeah they do, but there is a chance it's Paul J Bieker. Have you listened to the Truth in the Shadow podcast?
On Friday, a Grays Harbor County judge found Paul Bieker guilty of rape in connection to the sexual assault of a McCleary teen in 2003.

The Grays Harbor Sheriff's Office first investigated the rape in March of 2003 after a 17-year-old girl told her dad that a man had tied her up and loaded her into her car before taking her to an undisclosed location and raping her. Bieker then drove the teen to a location near McCleary and left.

Investigators learned that Bieker lived in McCleary in 2003 in a residence near where the teen lived. Detectives were able to get Bieker's DNA from a discarded item and it determined that he was a match for the 2003 sexual assault.
All signs point to Paul James Bieker as being the #1 suspect in the disappearance and murder of Lindsey Baum.

Paul Bieker was recently convicted of abducting and raping a different girl in 2003, just six years before Lindsey went missing, and from a location less than two miles west of Lindsey's home. Bieker and both victims all lived in or near McCleary, Washington at the time.

In the search for Lindsey after she went missing, search dogs on multiple occasions tracked Lindsey's scent from her last known location all the way to property then owned by Bieker, located 2.5 miles away to the north. The dogs did not detect a cadaver, but tracked Lindsey's scent to the edge of Bieker's property. You can hear about it on the "Mr. Cellophane" episode of the Truth in the Shadow Podcast.

The former Bieker property where the dogs tracked Lindsey's scent does not have a home on it, but there is at least one building on the property. Although the exact property line is unclear, one of the buildings that appears to be on the property is located in the middle of a dense forest in all directions. The building is very isolated from other properties. This building could have been used to keep Lindsey trapped until she was murdered.

I don't know if I am allowed to post the address of the former Bieker property on this forum, but you can easily find it by searching on Google for "Oak Meadows Water System" aka "Oak Meadow Water System." The property is immediately north of the spot where the dogs tracked Lindsey.

If Bieker is the killer, hopefully law enforcement will be able to prove it.
Just thinking about Lindsey. It has been way too long without justice. Does anyone still wonder about Dale Golder?

I am convinced he killed Lindsey and took her to the woods on his way to see his "girl-friend". I have watched him like a hawk since she was reported missing. He is in jail yet again and I do not understand why they don't interrogate and lean on him a little until he confesses. He's still going downhill and I'm sure it's taking its toll on him. He's bound to break...


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I'm pretty new to this, but wow!

I also found this on a Grays Harbor County Superior Court case list for April 26 2018

Stephanie M. Golder v. Dale Allen Golder, domestic violence.

I wonder if this is the same Stephanie listed in the affidavit I quoted and he ended up marrying her. Wonder if she was going to turn him in so he did something to her? Wonder if they're still together?

Public records: Superior Court, April 26 | The Daily World

Same Stephanie and she has some kind of weird love for him so I don't think she will ever tell his secrets. She would probably be too afraid of him even if she did tell anyone what she knows. She stops talking the minute Lindsey is brought up.
What makes you think it might not be Bieker?

If he is attracted to teenage girls it is hebephilia. It doesn’t always correlate with pedophilia. Plus, the girls he violated, he didn’t kill. Killing and driving across the mountains would appear a different MO to me. JMO. I may be totally wrong, of course. Anyhow, PB is behind bars. I am more concerned that some other predator is still unapprehended.
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Several items were recovered and the sheriff's office said that the items are now being processed to see if they have any connection to the disappearance of Baum. More than 160 people from Kitsap County, King County, Mason County, Pierce County, Snohomish County and the FBI assisted in the search.
According to the Grays Harbor Sheriff's Office, a tip in the investigation of the case led to a search near West Fish Hatchery Road in Mason County on March 25 and 26. It's unknown if anything was found.

The search is roughly 155 miles from where Lindsey's remains were found. I think I have this right, a local can correct me if not. Wish we knew what led the new Sheriff to search this area? Happy for Melissa, finally LE is willing to listen and take action.
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No updates since that search.

JUSTICE for Lindsey section of the Case Archive, (which there is no justice):

Main Case Archive:
Does anyone have the coordinates for where her partial remains were found? All I can find is that it was close to Rider's Camp (a bit to the south of it?) and on the side of a ridge. Since nothing else was found it implies an animal took that part there, and knowing which ridge it was could give a clue which route the animal took.

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