Holly Bobo found deceased, discussion thread *Arrests* #7

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Aug 28, 2009
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Will Nunley twitter:

Hollye's case map (thank you Hollye)

Amandareckonwith's case file (thank you Amanda)

Justice For Holly Bobo Amandareckonwith's case file (thank you again Amanda)

search warrant thread #1

search warrant thread #2

Local media links:

Orig post by Lyric on the other thread

All 3 suspects will be in court today!
Good morning!
WSMV channel 4 out of Nashville said they would be live streaming.
Channel 5 will be there no word if they will be live.
They are saying 9 am. WSMV.COM
I can't give links, on my tablet and not sure how to do it.
We are central time.

Wish I could be here but I've got my grandbaby today.
We need Justice for Holly.

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My guess ... the judge will tell prosecutors they do not have enough evidence to keep them in custody

Good Morning Coldpizza,
Thank you for the new thread!!!

All 3 suspects in court this morning.
9am central time.
Wsmv, channel 4 is suppose to live stream.

Will be here in spiritvwith all of you!
Gosh I hpoe not!!

Me too .... but this whole case appears to have serious problems , many of those charges were laid because of an informant who was eventually discredited .

And as hard as it is (for us) to comprehend , maybe they truly did not have anything to do with it.

Good Morning Coldpizza,
Thank you for the new thread!!!

All 3 suspects in court this morning.
9am central time.
Wsmv, channel 4 is suppose to live stream.

Will be here in spiritvwith all of you!


Status hearing scheduled for Wednesday in Holly Bobo case

Updated: Apr 15, 2015 7:49 AM EDT
Posted by Kara ApelCONNECT

Some of the suspects in the Holly Bobo case are scheduled to have a status hearing on Wednesday.

Defense attorneys for Zach and Dylan Adams say they still haven't seen any of the evidence necessary to build their defense cases. They filed a motion to hopefully force the prosecution to turn the evidence over.

In court on Wednesday, the attorneys and judge are expected to discuss the motions filed to get the prosecution thrown off the case.

Read more: http://www.wsmv.com/story/28806965/...or-wednesday-in-holly-bobo-case#ixzz3XNmp8JWd
Waiting on the baby, but Wkrn will live stream as well!
Maybe we will finally get some kind of answers to just what the heck is going on!
Guess Autry will not be there. Several also tweeting.

Will Nunley @willnunley · 2m 2 minutes ago
The talk right now is all about D.A. Nichols' qualifications.
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Carley Gordon @WSMVCarley · 4m 4 minutes ago
Judge is hearing motion regarding specially appointed DA- he says he can't proceed with the #HollyBobo case until this is resolved.
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Will Nunley @willnunley · 4m 4 minutes ago
Court has not been in session on this case since December 17th. #HollyBobo
:seeya: I had no idea there was a hearing today !

I will post as many Tweets and links as I can find !

Give me a few to get set up ... lol !
From Chris Conte @NC5:

Chris Conte @chrisconte · 44m 44 minutes ago

Today's #HollyBobo court hearing is about to begin. Both Zach Adams and his brother Dylan are here @NC5

Chris Conte @chrisconte · 42m 42 minutes ago

Dylan Adams has just entered the courtroom wearing a black a white jump suit. His hands and feet are in shackles @NC5 #HollyBobo

Chris Conte @chrisconte · 39m 39 minutes ago

Recusal of DA Matt Stowe now being discussed and his decision to order TBI out of #HollyBobo district @NC5

Chris Conte @chrisconte · 35m 35 minutes ago

Zach Adams attorney now arguing DA Pro Tem Jennifer Nichols from Memphis wasn't properly appointed to #HollyBobo Case @NC5

Chris Conte @chrisconte · 31m 31 minutes ago

Judge "I had nothing to do with this (appointing of special DA) other than to sign the order" #HollyBobo @NC5

Chris Conte @chrisconte · 22m 22 minutes ago

Zach Adams' attorney: If Jennifer Nichols was working under Matt Stowe and he has conflict of interest, she should too @NC5 #HollyBobo

Chris Conte @chrisconte · 19m 19 minutes ago

Dylan Adams' attorney "I don't think this court had the authority to appoint a special district attorney" #HollyBobo @NC5

Chris Conte @chrisconte · 11m 11 minutes ago

Dylan Adams' attorney now mentioning documents we uncovered in Feb. detailing fallout between TBI and Matt Stowe @NC5 #HollyBobo

Chris Conte @chrisconte · 5m 5 minutes ago

Zach Adams' attorney now requesting copies of emails @NC5 obtained detailing fallout between Stowe and TBI #HollyBobo
From Chris Conte @NC5:

Chris Conte @chrisconte · 15s 15 seconds ago

DA pro tem Jennifer Nichols states that she does not have conflict of interest in the #HollyBobo case @NC5
From Chris Conte @ NC5:

Chris Conte @chrisconte · 35s 35 seconds ago

#BREAKING judge rules appointment of special DA in #HollyBobo case, Jennifer Nichols from Memphis @NC5
From Chris @ NC5:

Chris Conte @chrisconte · 12s 12 seconds ago

Judge says motions in #HollyBobo case to now be heard on June 3
Well, it's over ... they will probably post a link to watch the re-play so I'll try to find it when it comes out !

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