IN IN - Larissa Sam, 23, Indianapolis, 21 June 2015

Then again, there's something to be said for closure. I can't imagine not knowing where my loved one was.
I heard there were remains found in tbe mars hill area a day or so ago...
The remains found on oliver and Harding were proven to be that of a male subject...
I so hope and pray they find this girl and bring her home alive and well to her family but it has been so long now I'm afraid for the worst
Where are you Larissa?

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I've always lived on the West Side Of Indy and you hardly ever hear of things this bad happening here. Now the East side that's a different story.:moo:

I live at Westlake for years , back before 2001. It was a nice, quiet place for sure! You're right about the east side!

I lived in Mars Hill for about 6 weeks once. Never again. I have never been so scared in my life, and I lived off Tibbs for a while behind the cemetery across from Central State.

Where are you, Larissa? We just wanna bring you home. Your son misses you, asks about you, I'm sure.
We know you didn't go away on your own.We will not stop until you're home. One way or another.
Donations made to the family?

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Larissa Marie Sam – The Charley Project

Larissa Marie Sam


Details of Disappearance
Sam was last seen in the 800 block of south Mount Street in Indianapolis, Indiana on June 21, 2015. She had finished her shift at work and stopped at her uncle's house for drinks afterwards. At 4:30 a.m. she left, and has never been heard from again.

She was supposed to pick up her son the next day, but never showed up. She's described as a devoted parent and it would be uncharacteristic of her to abandon her son.

The police found Sam's gold 2006 Dodge Stratus backed into the driveway of an abandoned home in the 2700 block of Lyons Avenue, in the Mars Hill area. The window was down, the keys were in the ignition, and one of the vehicle's front tires was flat. Sam's cellular phone, shoes, purse and some money were inside it, but there was no sign of her at the scene.

A photo of the car is posted with this case summary. Surveillance footage area showed a man running away from the vehicle after it was parked in the driveway.

Police are concerned for Sam's safety, and her family believes she could have become the victim of human trafficking. Her case remains unsolved.
Coming up on six years Larissa Sams missing and I'm deeply concerned, just as an American citizen-not even an Indianapolis resident-that police investigators haven't done more to solve her disappearance. More public relations and awareness, more searches, more calling in news media for conferences, utilization of the FBI. Makes ya aware police reform isn't only needed for BLM areas but WLM-women's lives matter. All women, strippers, substance using or abusing, mentally ill women, women of all ages and walks of life. No matter if their families or communities are making noise to law enforcement or not. DO YOUR JOBS.
Two details that stood out to me:
  • Who visits their uncle at 4am for drinks?

  • Why did someone bother to remove the SIM card and leave the phone behind?

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