Thinking of little Haleigh today... :beats:
I have been thinking of Haleigh lately. She is one of the many kiddos that I think about from time to time but she and the others have been on my mind lately as I watch the jury selection for the murder trial of another little girl.

Come home soon sweetie.
holding you close in our hearts and our prayers beautiful little Haleigh :beats:
I still think of you baby, and pray that you will get the Justice you and your family deserve and need.
Thinking about Haleigh today. Come home soon sweetie.
A lot of focus on another special little girl lately. Just as special as you...

Don't ever think you are forgotten, HaLeigh... or that we aren't thinking of you & praying for you to come home & have YOUR justice!
Oh HaLeigh, where are you???? There are so many people that care about you!!!!! You HAVE to come home!!!! We here at WS will NEVER stop trying to find out what happened to you!

we <3 YOU!!!!!!
I look at this forum title everyday, and lately it really bothers me. Haleigh Cummings, 5 years old. Haleigh should be turning 8 years old next week.

Where are you, Haleigh?
Two and a half years today with no answers. But never forgotten! Still praying for answers and you to come home!
You are always in our hearts and prayers, sweet HaLeigh; we all want to see you home and safe - you are never forgotten.
Thinking about you tonight.
Happy Thanksgiving, HaLeigh. You are in all of our hearts and prayers. <3
Thinking about you today, HaLeigh. So sad for all of those who love you have to go through yet another holiday with no answers. :(

I'll never give up praying that someday we'll have truth and answers for you.
Still thinking about you, Haleigh. Please light the way.
As Christmas draws nearer, know that you are remembered in our hearts.
Another Christmas without you, HaLeigh. I still remember the pictures of you opening your presents a few years ago. You should be home tucked into bed waiting for Santa right now, excited to get up in the morning and see what he left you. :(

Thinking about you.....

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