KS - Patricia Kimmi, 58, Horton, 6 Nov 2009 - #7, New Arrest 3/12/13

So how does Roho's version explain everything that was found along the road to Pat's house? He's done.

Exactly. And two crime scenes outside of her home. Nice try, dunces.
They tried to wiggle through it by showing there is no DNA of both on any 1 item.

That is a far stretch. His hat, his money clip, his truck, her blood. You don't get much more guilty than that unless it is captured on tape.
Sending Pat's family prayers and positive energy to face week 2 of the trial. Stay strong ya'll. We know you carry your Mom into that courtroom with you every day.
I'm adding my prayers for Pat's family this morning as another week of court begins. Dear Lord, please continue to give Rita, Gene and the rest of their family strength and courage as they face the beginning of week 2 in the trial regarding their Mother's murder. I'm so glad that their Mother instilled such strong faith in them and that you have held them in your arms throughout this horrible experience. Guide the officials to bring out the truth, Lord, and to alow the jurors to feel the truth from testimonies and not be swayed or doubtful by the tricks and tactics used by the defense attys. I know that you will bring justice for your faithful chld, Pat. Thank you, Lord -- Amen.
Hollister trial day 5, DJ Kimmi takes stand

DJ tells court about Eugene Kimmi's drinking "He started about 8am"

DJ testifies to meeting Hollister Sept 09, says Eugene and Hollister sat around drinking and talking about the Kimmi's divorce.

Hollister Kimmi sawmill. Tells DJ "I told E to watch what he wished for, I would take care of his problems"

http://yfrog.com/h3a5guxj (picture)

Hollister told DJ he was there for 70k to pay off a hitman he hired. Hollister says "The subject will never be found"

Hollister's lawyer, Joseph Hirter, "are you aware officials searched all Hollister's records & couldn't find any mysterious transactions?"

Roger Hollister's wife, Rebecca, testifies.

Rebecca says she bought money clip and Black Suede cologne for her husband. Also says he owned .22 pistol.

Rebecca says after buying back red dually truck Hollister drove truck onto her brothers property.

Rebecca testifies to seeing Hollister cutting burnt dually truck on his brothers property.

5-4-2010 Rebecca contacts law enforcement to "put an end to things"


Takes them to an area on Bruce Hollister's farm. She "was not for sure" if Pat Kimmi was buried there.

After learning the horrific details that came out today, I absolutely do not believe either RoHo or EK could have pulled this off alone. No way.

What kind of monsters are capable of such evil?
Can someone refresh my memory? Who is James Stuart?
I wonder if Heathman & team are trying to plant ideas into the jurors minds to throw them off the real guilty parties? I wonder how those defense attorneys sleep at night?
I wonder if Heathman & team are trying to plant ideas into the jurors minds to throw them off the real guilty parties? I wonder how those defense attorneys sleep at night?

I'm sure that's exactly what they're doing. The prosecution needs to step it up!

Still concerned about what was and wasn't tested forensically. The LE folks that have testified so far sound very lazy to me. Sorry - I know that will probably not be a popular view. :(

Eventually, DJ Kimmi said, his name was on the checks so that he could sign checks. Kuckelman asked about two CDs that were coming close to maturity for about $70,000 in November 2009. DJ Kimmi said maybe, he wasn’t sure.

Has there been mention of these two CDS that were due to mature the same time Pat went missing? Has anybody esle heard anything?

DJ Kimmi confirmed he knew Roger Hollister from dealings at the sawmill. DJ Kimmi confirmed that Hollister came to pick up lumber in September 2009. He said Roger Hollister and Eugene Kimmi were sitting in the shop drinking beer and talking about Eugene Kimmi’s divorce.

This would be a prime time for EK to mention to RoHo that cashing in his CDs in Nov might give him some money to get rid of his problem. Timing makes sense.

Praying for the Kimmi kids on what had to be the worst day yet of the trial.

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