NE NE - Tyler Goodrich, 35, left his house to go on a run, Lincoln, 3 Nov 2023


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Jul 7, 2018
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Friends and family of a 35-year-old Lincoln man are asking for the public's help after they say he went missing Friday.

Tyler Goodrich left his house to go on a run Friday evening and didn't return, according to multiple social media posts from his family and friends. Goodrich's phone was last pinged near West Van Dorn Street just west of South Folsom Road, the posts indicated

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Chief Deputy Ben Houchin said 35-year-old Tyler Goodrich was last seen around 7:45 p.m. Friday at his home near Southwest 12th and Burnham streets.

Around that time, deputies were sent to the home on a report of a disturbance. By the time deputies arrived, Goodrich had left.

Deputies spoke with Goodrich’s husband – Marshall Vogel – and left the home since “there was no crime,” Houchin said.

A day later, Vogel called the sheriff’s office and reported Goodrich missing.

Houchin said Goodrich was last seen wearing shorts, a zip-up sweatshirt and running shoes.

“The reason we are so concerned is he has gone off the grid,” Houchin said.
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The Facebook group is really informative. Not loads of new information, but there are lots of people out searching for him on usual running routes.

What isn’t clarified though is police being called over reports of a disturbance. Perhaps there was an argument and he went off for a run to clear his head? But that just seems quite worrying. It looks like they have two children together, so not really at the stage of life when you can disappear for a few days to clear your head.
Where is Tyler???

...“The reason we are so concerned is because he has gone off the grid,” said Chief Deputy Benjamin Houchin. “We do not have any information. His phone is not on and we know that he has not had any financials.”
...Authorities said he was looking forward to running the Good Life Halfsy marathon but did not show up.

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So if Tyler had left by the time police arrived, who was the last to see him?

What sort of "disturbance" led to the police presence at the house?

Did anyone see him go out for a run, other than his spouse?
From the Let’s Find Tyler Goodrich Facebook group last linked above, there is a timeline post and says that he and his husband had an argument, which was the disturbance that led to LE being called. It sounds like LE arrived very quickly. Only minutes after last text message and calls and after his phone was turned off. I hope this is okay to pull over from the group.
Why would he go for a run without his phone? People who go for a run typically bring the phone along to record health related data.
because they'd had a fight and he was upset and just wanted to get out of there? The timing is what leads ME to think this, based on what has been reported. Were I really upset, I'd probably not think about grabbing my phone.


ETA: of course, the timing could be hinky - we only have what has been reported. Perhaps the disagreement took place long before the call.
Lancaster County deputies said an argument between Goodrich and his husband, Marshall Vogel, on Friday night, led them to the couple's Lincoln home..

As of right now, deputies said Goodrich's husband is no longer giving information to the sheriff's office. Investigators didn't say whether Vogel is a suspect at this time
people are searching all over and the sheriff's office says that there is no evidence that TG left the home.... so does anyone really know that he did leave? or that the description of what he was wearing is even true?
The news story linked above says "Deputies said they searched the property with a warrant on Monday and authorities are going to search the area around his house on Tuesday. That's the last known location for Goodrich and his phone, according to investigators." Assume nothing untoward was found?

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